The day it dawned on us

I had planned on taking the pregnancy test at home, that fine morning.
I woke up and the first thought that came into my mind was, “Are you ready for this?”

Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t but it sure made me so nervous and I wanted some reassuring from the hipster, but he was snoring away blissfully.
I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I took the test and didn’t wait there to see it.
And after a solid 15 min, I went back in and saw those two dark lines

I thought I would jump with joy or tear up seeing it whenever it happens, but nah… No emotion at all… I just drew a blank face.
I took a pic to send it to my mom n sis who were in 2 diff places. But before that, I had to tell hipster.

Woke him up slowly and told him and he was an even more blank slate than me. All he said was “Are u sure? … Ok” and went back to sleep. Well it wasn’t a surprise for me cos that’s how he is.

So then I went ahead and sent the pic to my mom and my sis. Mom didn’t understand why I was up so early. It was 8 AM. And that was way early for me. And she asked me what pic I had sent and whether I was ok. I explained to her that it was a pregnancy test and told her that 2 lines meant positive. She was soooo happy. In fact, she had been worrying since our wedding, which was 1 year and a few months ago, that we couldn’t conceive and wanted to get us checked with a doc. She didn’t know that we were waiting to bee ready and that’s why the delay. Then I told her not to tell anyone; because unless instructed, my mom has the habit if broadcasting every news to everyone she knows… Ya Typical mom

Then once I cut her call, I saw my sister’s many missed calls. I called her up and she was so excited and happy. That’s when it slowly dawned on me, that I am starting a journey and a happy one at that

Then I checked again with a hospital and confirmed it again but wasn’t sure of it till I went back to my hometown and saw the doc in person and heard it from her. I then told my family and friends about it and they all started their advice

Don’t travel much
Eat healthy food
Get as much sleep as you can
Have several small meals instead of 3 big ones
Eat this eat that
Don’t strain much
Leave your job and come back to our hometown so we can care for you.

Some were useful and turned out very helpful and some were more of a myth that they believed and wanted to transfer to me… More on this in another blog.

Thus began my journey with My Tiny Tigger and the rest of the journey till he came home shall come in other posts.

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