Hey mom

Babies are known to show small and big changes every few days in the initial few weeks.
I remember staring blankly at the sudden round head of my baby in his 3rd week. Till then he had been a thin headed tiny creature. That is when I read about growth spurts.
In his 7th week, he started looking at me, directly at my eyes and started making his sucking noises. I was shocked and wanted to see if he did it by reflex and as coincidence I was standing in front of him. So I told my hubster about it and he came to see. The tiny human stared blank at his daddy and then turned to look at me and did the noise again.
I felt as if he saw me as the waitress that brings him food on cue. You guys know this well, right? We sit in a restaurant and order food and after waiting for a few minutes, we see the waiter carrying a tray of food. (In our cases though, that tray goes to another table, much to our disappointment 😒)
But I googled and also checked on baby center and realized that he was displaying one of his signs that he is hungry instead of the usual rooting. My mom and other relatives at home said the usual ‘Wait till he cries to feed him.’ But with a baby who knows what he wants and a mom who is figuring him out slowly, we ignored them as usual

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