100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Directions

Every time he felt lost, he found himself being guided to the right path. He stumbled and struggled to walk, but she held his hand and helped him take a step forward. He found himself being addicted to drugs and intoxication but she slowly guided him back to the path of spiritual cleansing. He found … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Directions

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Chennai

Everyone loves one particular city more than the others. It may be their own or a place they visited and fell in love with. For me, it was where I was born, raised, studied, cried, laughed, fell down, rose high, stumbled, made friends, drove around like I was the boss, lost loved ones, fell in love, … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Chennai

Cloth Diapers – Reading material!

When I was pregnant I was googling all random things and reading many articles. During the morning poop, on the way to office, on the way back home, after making dinner and waiting for hubster to eat, just before bedtime, during our weekend travels to our hometown... I was on my phone too much! Not all … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – Reading material!