Cloth Diapers – Reading material!

When I was pregnant I was googling all random things and reading many articles. During the morning poop, on the way to office, on the way back home, after making dinner and waiting for hubster to eat, just before bedtime, during our weekend travels to our hometown… I was on my phone too much! Not all were useful and many were not even related to pregnancy or parenting!!!

I am a vetti fellow as my hubster says!!!

When I came across Modern Cloth Diapering it seemed so interesting as well as confusing. So to all new moms and dads (hope so man) out there who are wondering how to start Cloth diapering their cute little tiny human’s bums, here is some help! This is part of my series of blog posts on Cloth diapers. My stash and my debugging posts shall be up and linked soon.

This one covers all the articles, blogs and posts I read and found useful!!

Let’s go!

1. Madhumitha

I stumbled on Madhu’s insta page because of her cutesy, chubby bubby dumpling of a baby boy. From there I went to her blogs and read the post on cloth diapering. Was so fascinating to read how easy it sounded and so here goes her posts that I read so far:

Post 1
Post 2
Superbottoms Review
Poornima (From Cloth diaper Shop, India)’s Q&A’s with Madhu

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from her page: Recipe Bonus

2. Aarabi ( I hope the spelling is right! I always know her only as Buncke)

Again through her insta page cos of her charmster of a son Nandan (Oh How I love that name of his!!!) and the cute Aggi. Buncke, in my opinion, is such a free minded, extremely talented, outspoken lady who makes me rethink so many of my beliefs.

Post 1
Post 2
Smartbottoms pairing

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from her page: Mom Bonus

3. Haajra Fareen 💖

I then googled cloth diapering blogs and the first result that I wanted to click on was Haajra’s. And boy was I in for a surprise there… She is such a darling. The most helpful person I met online. (Please notice the sparkly heart next to her name). I immediately dropped her a mail with my gazillion (ok maybe a little exaggeration there) questions and do you know how long she took to reply. Few minutes…. Man who does that??? But from that one mail from her I learnt so many things. Not just about cloth diapering but to also be nice to people even if you don’t know them because they may actually be in need of something. It may not be your priority, but it may be important for them. And when I created mytinytigger’s page as a public account for sharing what I learnt, the first person I added was her insta page. She doesn’t just have 1 or 2 posts that I can link here but a library for all new moms.

CD Series

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from her page: Activity Bonus

4. Anjana

After those 3 blogs and some more google searches listed below, I created mytinytigger. I immediately followed hundreds of moms! Bunch of them genuinely here for helping out and almost everyone making it seem so easy (Not just cloth diapering… even parenting seemed easy when I saw these moms’ pages). Anjana’s insta page was one of the few pages I followed to learn about baby wearing. Her darling tots are cute enuff to make u smile on a grumpy day. When I went through her blog. She had one product review for Tushions.

Tushions review

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from her page: Wellness Bonus

5. Elina

When I tried Superbottoms diapers, I was looking for their reviews and Elina’s insta page popped up. Added her and before I searched for her posts on cloth diapering, I got distracted by her mommy gyaan. She had a post on almost everything I ever googled about pregnancy and parenting! Her darling tiny human is a cute lil bunny in disguise.

Post 1
Post 2 – maintenance
Post 3 – wipes

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from her page: Vaccination Bonus

6. Archana and Abhilash

These 2 are one number tucker couple when it comes to parenting together. Their insta page is not even a month old but is crackling with series and posts and reviews already. They tell it as it is and tell it all together, sharing things equally not just in their parenting but also in their blog posts. And their lilM’s chubbiness is so pinch worthy. I am sure that these guys are gonna soon be quite famous. They are just trying out ‘A toddler thing diapers and their blog post will soon be added.

A Toddler Thing review

Bonus unrelated article that I loved among many others from their page: Parenting Bonus

Other google search articles, I found useful

Now… I did also my fair share of random google searches on this and there were too many articles but the following are a few I found useful

Convenient Diaper – Krya
How to – CD connection
CDing – This west coast mommy

Few articles from diaper brands
CDing Guide – Tiny Tots
New to CDing – Tushions
Beginner’s guide – Superbottoms
Art of CDing – A Toddler Thing
Why cloth – Superbottoms
Why – Bumchum

2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers – Reading material!

  1. Hey I have a whole series on cloth diapering on my blog including diapering on vacation and night time diapering. Do have a look. Hope it helps. 😋


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