100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Directions

Every time he felt lost,
he found himself being guided to the right path.
He stumbled and struggled to walk,
but she held his hand and helped him take a step forward.
He found himself being addicted to drugs and intoxication
but she slowly guided him back to the path of spiritual cleansing.

He found himself being stuck in the mountainous piles of work at office

but she made him learn the art of balancing life and work
He found himself being pulled away from earth
but she ensured he stayed on as she wanted an organ donor to survive.
This blog is part of ‘100 words A-Z Blogging Challenge’ started by Nikita.
Click here to read her posts on same. You may also check out a few more awesome posts from her link
Each week one blog with just 100 words in the main content shall be posted. This will be titled with a word from the alphabet assigned to each week.
For example:
Week 1 (Jan 1-7) – A
Week 2 (Jan 8-14) – B
and so on.
This way, in 52 weeks, the whole alphabet will be covered twice.
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