Kadhir and Shakthi – A love that awaits!


August 29 1988 : “It’s a boy….” Shouted the man as he ran up and down the stairs. “I have a son!… I’ll name him Kadhir”
Kadhir – The day he was born, his mother and father were filled with joy, love, happiness, and expectations too. They wanted him to become a musician, an athlete, a math wizard, a science geek, and the list was never ending. They also wanted him to grow up and work in their family business and to get married to a beautiful girl they find him and live a life that would best be described as ‘Fairy Tale’.
Now Kadhir slowly grew up to all their expectations and tried his best to be the all-rounder that his parents wanted him to be. In fact, it all came so easily to him that he didn’t feel too stressed. He loved math, science, art, sports, and music. He had very few friends but they were a very close bunch of kids. There was never a dull moment where he sat down wondering what to do. After he graduated college, he worked for a few years and was so passionate about his work that he was thinking of venturing into a startup of his own. Everything seemed to be perfect. And his parents were in a world of bliss.
This didn’t last forever. One day, his mom found a letter that dropped down from one of his books as she was dusting his table. And as all mothers are, she naturally found herself opening it up and reading it. It was a very beautiful love letter. written with so much pain and love that it moved her to tears. She finished reading the letter and saw that it was signed Shakthi. Shakthi… Shakthi? That name rang a bell. Shakthi was one of Kadhir’s close friends right from the age of 4. And now after 25 years, Shakthi was one of the very few people Kadhir was still close with. That is when she came back to the reality. It was a letter that was written to her son. Her darling trophy son was in love.
Now, what should she do about it? Is that why Kadhir walked away uninterested when the topic of registering on the matrimony site was discussed? What if Shakthi was the ideal match she always wanted for her son? She always knew how close Kadhir and Shakthi were since they were kids. But love? What if Shakthi was not the right one for him? What if Shakthi and Kadhir move out of their house? The letter was written with such deep love; how can Shakthi be a bad choice? What if their family does not agree? Many such questions popped up in her mind in a few minutes. She found herself shocked and sat down to think of how she would deal with this.
She spoke to her husband about it. They always shared everything with each other. They were each other’s best friend. When she told her husband, he was shocked too. He hesitated for a while but later calmed down. They did not want to take away their son’s happiness. They decided to tell him that they would be happy to meet with Shakthi’s family and talk about their wedding.
They sat with their son and told him about their decision. Kadhir was taken aback. He told them how he never expected them to understand and was always worried about it. He told them how happy he was that they were willing to accept his life choices. He went on about how Shakthi makes him feel and how he has never felt that way before with anyone else. He then expressed his concern to his parents. He told them how Shakthi was scared to talk about it at home. Shakthi’s parents were unwilling to even listen to anything. They were just not ready to accept anything for how it was.
After hearing this, Kadhir’s parents went unannounced to Shakthi’s house. They were a little nervous about how they would talk about it. Shakthi’s dad opened the door and when he realized that it was Kadhir’s parents, he immediately called his wife. She too knew why they had come. All four of them sat down to talk and Shakthi’s parents listened to everything that Kadhir’s mom and dad had to say. They gave a small smile once they had heard enough. And then they finally spoke.
Shakthi’s parents told them they felt the same way too. In fact, they had not had a baby for 7 years and when they finally became parents, they gave their child abundant love and care. They have always liked Kadhir as their own son too and have always been happy with the way Shakthi and Kadhir cared for each other. But they were worried about the society. They were worried about all the questions that they would have to answer. And what about a grandchild. They asked Kadhir’s parents if they were fine with having to adopt a baby. Even if they were willing and ready for all of this. What about the legal issues? They just cannot get married. Then, ‘how, why, what do we do about it’, was their concern.
Kadhir’s parents agreed to every word they heard. They neither had the answers to those questions but all they wanted was Shakthi and Kadhir’s happiness. Now that they were sure that Shakthi’s parents were in the same understanding and acceptance, they just told that all of them could do nothing but wait. Wait for a few years, for things may change.
They went home with mixed feelings. They were happy that Shakthi’s parents were willing to accept it. But they were worried and upset about the legal issues. All that they could think of was to have hope. Hope that the Government would someday soon reconsider the validity of Section 377. And then, their son can finally marry the love of his life and their family would have another son.


Yes, another son named Shakthi.


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32 thoughts on “Kadhir and Shakthi – A love that awaits!

  1. That was brilliant. Any kind of love that can evoke such deep feelings in hearts of people around you is wonderful. The gender hardly matters. I do hope Section 377 is given a second thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is this your first story? Just can’t believe! You are amazing girl. A big 👏 for this awesome climax. Long way to go girl 🤘


  3. A beautiful story in a time when we need to talk about such social reforms. It is time that parents show maturity as was shown by both Shakti and Kadils parents and we need a more accepting society that will let such couples live in peace.


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