My Dear Tigger

Day 1 of the five-day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’.
26 bloggers have joined in and this is going to be a fun ride full of letters!
More on LOL-a-thon later, let’s get into the letter for today.


Today’s prompt is Letter to Parents/In-Law’s or Kids’. 

This letter is to my son – AB


Hi AB,


Amma here… 

I see you every hour of every day. But I am writing this letter to you, to show it to you when you grow up. You never knew all this till today. But it doesn’t seem fair to not tell you this. There are a few things I am sorry for. And this letter is to tell you all that and more.
1.   I thought I was having a girl. Your amama (grandma) has always had a small piece of paper. She calls it the Chinese calendar and it has never been wrong for anyone and she predicted that you will be a girl. So even though, I always wanted to have a son, I slowly but firmly started believing that you were a girl. I started looking at girl baby clothes online. And by the time I was 7months pregnant with you, I was excited that me and my darling daughter will be the best of friends and that I will always dress you up in girly clothes. This no way means that I was unhappy with you when you were born. I was shocked but also secretly proud. Proud of you, that you were the first one to prove something wrong. But I am sorry anyway, for trusting my instinct. This is not something I’d like to see in you. Never stop trusting your instinct.
Make clear informed decisions but always listen to your inner voice.
2.  I dropped a few books on you. We used to lay down next to each other, on our backs. I used to hold up the book we were reading and sometimes I’ve accidentally dropped it on you. Not just once or twice, I remember doing so at least 4 times. You never shouted nor cried. You were just shocked and ignored it the next second.
Quickly respond to any accident and move on.
3.  When you were playing with your amama and you start crying, I never ran to you to lift you up in my arms to calm you down. I did it when you were alone, but never when there was someone else to take care of you. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I wanted you to trust the others in our family and not just me. And I wanted them to be responsible for you.
Never hesitate to ask help from the family or your friends. Remember that they all love you.
4.  The Vaccinations! OMG! Every time the doc jabbed you, you screamed so loud, but not before giving me that look. The look that made me feel like you trusted me to keep you safe and I let someone hurt you! I really hope you have learnt by the time you read this, that vaccinations are only to build your immunity.
Anything that hurts you in life will leave you with a lesson. Try to find it.
5.  I will never tell you that I love you more than your Daddy or mine. You will realize it later but every love is different and can never be compared to another. The memories we make and the way we make people feel are the main reasons why people love us. And since the memories are not the same with everyone, the love too can’t be the same.
Never compare what you have with what others may.
6.  I will be teaching you to cook, clean and take care of yourself and the house. I never lived on my own till I was 25 and I never know when you will have to. So, I want you to be well prepared to live your life on your own as well. You may not like it. You may get hurt. You may be teased for it, even at home.
Always be self-reliant. Never let others’ judgement stop you!
And no matter what, I will always have your back.
Love you!





This blog is part of ‘LOL-a-thon’ hosted by the Momsteins.
The LOL in the LOL-a-thon stands for Letters of Love
And these blog posts are all letters written with Love as the theme.

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Come back tomorrow for another letter on another prompt!


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