My Dear Pillow

Day 2 of the five-day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’.
26 bloggers have joined in and this is going to be a fun ride full of letters!
More on LOL-a-thon later, let’s get into the letter for today.


Today’s prompt is Letter to an inanimate Object’. 

This letter is to my Pillow


My Dear Pillow,

You and I have gone through so much together.
You have seen me smile, laugh, cry and held me firm through all that and more.
You have seen me take you and storm to the next room after a fight with my mom.
You have hugged me as I was scared to sleep alone for the first time.
You have let me punch you when I have been angry with anyone.
You have seen me talk hours together on the phone with my Boyfriend turned Fiancé turned Hubby.
You have let me shed many tears on you after every hardship I went through.
You have even caught all my drool when I slept too hard for far too long
(Oh, How I miss those days)


And now I want to thank you. For all the reasons above and more!



This blog is part of ‘LOL-a-thon’ hosted by the Momsteins.
The LOL in the LOL-a-thon stands for Letters of Love
And these blog posts are all letters written with Love as the theme.

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Nisha is a full-time mommy to two cute little twin munchkins Arhaan and Zohaan. She writes about her experiences as a mommy to twins and the way she deals with life everyday!

Come back tomorrow for another letter on another prompt!


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