My Dear Older Self

Day 4 of the five-day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’.
26 bloggers have joined in and this is going to be a fun ride full of letters!
More on LOL-a-thon later, let’s get into the letter for today.


Today’s prompt is Letter to self (Younger / Older)’

This letter is to my Older Self


Dear Older Self,


Hey You! Got more grey hair? How about the wrinkles? Oops that too?
But did you get a little wise? I sure hope so!

You see that gif I’ve sent you above? That is exactly what my childhood and teenage did to me. No clean eating habits, no exercise routines, no healthy way of expressing negative emotions… It was a lot to take up.

But I’ve survived so far and as I write this to you, I hope you feel so too.

I’ve made tonnes and tonnes of memories for you and I really hope you take some time each day and cherish them. Not just the good ones, the bad ones too. I did learn a lot from them and it would help you to remember them.

Also, Tigger is like sooooo tiny right now. You would be super jealous!
Chubby, smiley, giggly, and doesn’t move from where I put him down 😛
Ha Ha I Know it would be hard to read this. But I didn’t write this to brag.

Wanted to write down a few things that I don’t want you to forget. So read this letter whenever you are happy, sad, upset, angry or just bored. Read it as often as you can and am sure you won’t regret it. Afterall, I do love you!



  1. You are capable of much more than you ever thought. Don’t let anyone including mom or the hubster make you feel otherwise.
  2. You have to exercise everyday. Eat healthy and have some screen less time everyday especially with the family.
  3. Always have an emergency fund and don’t use that unless it is ab actual EMERGENCY.
  4. Be in control of your actions and your words. Anyone can provoke you, but it’s up to you to stay away from the mud that they may pull you into. Remember to think twice when u speak in anger especially with the ones you love.
  5. It’s ok for a house to be a little messy in appearance. Don’t tire yourself trying to make everything look neat and organized and at the same time, don’t procrastinate cleaning when you have the time and energy.
  6. It’s ok to pamper yourself with a nice massage once in a while. You aren’t a machine and even if u r, u still need those joints oiled well.
  7. Let Tigger be who he wants to be. I keep saying that you will never force your dreams on him. Hope you stuck to that promise.
  8. Don’t be an over attached parent. Make Tigger learn to live on his own. If possible his dad too. It’s hard for you when you feel people aren’t depending on you. You don’t need them to need you. They will love to get your help now and then but don’t feel bad if they do something on their own.
  9. Teach Tigger about gender equality and how he should treat people alike and with respect. His behaviour depends entirely on you till he grows up into an adult and even then, it is your voice that becomes his inner voice. So choose your words well when you teach him anything.
  10. Family needs your presence and undivided attention and so do friends. Don’t ignore your friends now and feel lonely when you grow older. You will only get back what you give.
  11. Be an example to Tigger with your choice of things. Choose sustainable, recyclable things over plastic and toxic stuff. Teach him to upscale anything that he wants to grow away.
  12. Once Tigger is old enough to take care of himself, please start travelling without him. Either you and the hubster or you and your friends ir just by yourself. You will love it am sure.
  13. Remember to talk politely. With everyone. But especially with your mom and your in-laws. You are old and they are older than ever. So please measure every word you speak and make sure no one is hurt. You will regret it too much if you say something harsh to either of them.



This blog is part of ‘LOL-a-thon’ hosted by the Momsteins.
The LOL in the LOL-a-thon stands for Letters of Love
And these blog posts are all letters written with Love as the theme.

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Come back tomorrow for another letter on another prompt!


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