My Darling Husband

Day 5 of the five-day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’.
25 bloggers have joined in and this is going to be a fun ride full of letters!
More on LOL-a-thon later, let’s get into the letter for today.


Today’s prompt is Letter to Beloved’. 

This letter is to my Boyfriend turned Husband


My Dear Husband,


Hey Bae,
Got to buy ABC – oil, mama skin wipes, 2 diaper covers and a nursing nighty. Have added them all to the cart. Just check once and pay.
Love you.

Hey Baby,
I posted a new pic on insta but got only 5 likes ☹️ Can u please like the post?
Luv u!

Hey Buffalo,
I asked u to change his dipes while I took a bath and u just ran off to office leaving him with mom! I don’t understand why you never want to help out. Just because u did it once a week doesn’t mean you’re a parent. That’s like a frequent guest! No point telling u anything

Hi Darling,
Thanks for the 5star. I found the chocolate just now. So sweet of u to leave it for me when u went.
Love youuu!


This is how it has become. It’s such a long time since we sat and spoke to each other. And making time for ‘just us’ are getting hard as Tigger grows. Most of the communication happens by whatsapp and even though I can send you a hundred hugs and kisses, it doesn’t feel the same as writing you a letter.

So here goes baby, after more than a year, am writing a letter to you.

Let me first tell you that I am truly happy to be with you. No matter how much I argue and even fight with u, there is a smile on my face when I go to sleep every night. And you are the reason behind it.

Every time Tigger does anything cute or funny, I try to immediately take a pic or video and send it to you. And the reason for that, is to make sure you don’t miss out on anything because of work.

I was always doubtful about how you would be as a dad. Since I was fifteen, I was always comfortable around kids. Not kids, babies. I didn’t get grossed out by spit up, pee or poop and I baby-sat all my cousins.

Since I knew you, I have never seen you carry a baby. I had just assumed that you would be the same with our own as well. But you proved me wrong. Your face lit up so brightly as you first held Tigger at the hospital. Even now, when you spend time with him in the mornings before going to work, I see so much happiness in your face and I feel so proud that I was able to create someone who brought so much happiness to you. Your tensed face as they wheeled me into the operation theatre for an emergency c section is still very clear in my mind. After showing me our healthy baby, they took me to the recovery room. Every time I asked nurse when I can feed the baby, I also asked her if she can call you to come see me. When I heard that you cried your eyes out… Ok maybe that was a little exaggeration… But when I heard that you cried a lot as you waited outside the operation theatre, I knew. That day, all my insecurities vanished. I finally realized how much I mean to you and how badly you need me in your life. The boy who is silly enough to believe that men don’t cry. That same boy cried in the fear of losing his wife.

From the time we confessed our love to each other, I always kept asking you to tell me why and how much you loved me. I badly wanted someone to need me in their life. You knew this and you did they all that you could but I was never happy with the answers.

These are just a few things I never told you in the last 3 months. But since Valentine’s day is here, I wanted to use this blog to tell you all this

Love you!!!

P.S. I need you to check out the cart that I filled today. Do it ASAP We need wipes!!! It’s just never enough. 💓 U



This blog is part of ‘LOL-a-thon’ hosted by the Momsteins.
The LOL in the LOL-a-thon stands for Letters of Love
And these blog posts are all letters written with Love as the theme.

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Sriprithi is an engineer turned full-time mommy to darling baby Vivaan. She writes about her experiences as a mommy and her blog posts are an absolute delight to read.


Thanks for joining me in this letter journey!
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