Babies & Sense of smell

Babies – we love the smell of a fresh bathed tiny human… It is a scent like no other.


But they have very powerful sense of smell too. In fact, even before coming out to the world, fetuses can actually smell the scent of amniotic fluid. That is how they recognise their mama! Every mom’s amniotic fluid may be having a unique smell and the same smell is what attracts the baby towards breast milk.

It has been observed that in just 2 weeks of a baby’s time in the world, she can easily identify her mom’s breast milk from another mom’s just by the scent.

Breast Crawl

A truly miraculous phenomenon which every new mom must experience

Breast crawl – A new-born baby is cleaned and placed on mom’s abdomen. The baby slowly starts to recognise the familiar smell from the nipple and find its way to the target. Hard to believe? It’s so true! I know quite a few moms who tried it. I didn’t though! Didn’t even know that this was a thing till my bub was 1 month old. And at that time, he was probably ready to cross mountains to reach his target (SMH – shaking my head).

And it is very very important to introduce new smells to babies to stimulate their sense of smell among all the other senses as well.

But why am I telling you all this now?

Smell is stored in the same part of the brain as memories.

A smell can trigger a very old memory that you may have forgotten about.

Moms have it easy that way. But dads, this is where you guys have to put in extra efforts.

Every time my hubster went on a business trip or a holiday with his friends, I found that my bub had some difficulty being calm with his Daddoo.

So, I had to act fast. Whenever my bub was well fed, diaper changed and not sleepy, I encouraged my hubster to spend time alone with bub. This did involve some fuss from both parties initially but in hardly 5 minutes they were like chaddi buddies – kicking their feet as they lay down on their backs, giggling, cuddling, gibberish talking and what not.

And now, my bub can easily calm down as soon as his Daddoo holds him close. What more does a mom want than the ‘Awww’ feeling from seeing her darling hubby and doting son enjoying each other’s presence in perfect silence while mama has some Oreo and watches an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the 100th time.


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11 thoughts on “Babies & Sense of smell

  1. SO glad that you penned this article. The sense of smell bring so much security to a baby especially for a preterm baby. I loved giving kangaroo care of our son. It’s also a great way to build a bold between the baby and parent. 🙂

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