Hospital Bag

There may be lots and lots of posts on this but here is what worked for me…
I packed and repacked my hospital bags several times and made sure it was easily accessible no matter what…
And luckily, when I had to rush to the hospital at 12 in the night… I was happy to just pick the bags and be off
Bags… Yes – 2 bags
1. The actual stuff I packed way ahead
2. The small bag with daily essentials that I can’t leave in the other bag.
Bag 1 – this bag is mostly for after delivery usage.
If all goes well, you may not need this until you get to your room after delivery.
My Bag 1 had the following…
1. Towels – some hospitals provide towels but it’s better to take your own. At least 2
2. Hand towels – 2
3. Nighties or night suits. I am someone who hates nighties… But then I realized that it’s quite difficult to bend and put on pants if you had a c section. If you had a normal delivery too, it is quite painful to put on pants. So, don’t shy away from 2 or 3 nighties.
4. Comic – now this may be silly but take a book…. you may not end up reading it mostly but of you can’t sleep, pick it up and read it. Or if your loved one seems to be bored, you can hit them with it and sleep undisturbed. Did I say hit them with it, I meant hand it over to them to read. Ahem!
5. Feeding bra, undies and napkins. you will for sure need minimum 2 or 3. Always try the feeding bra before buying it and please oh please get a nice wide strap to give you lot or support. Get a nice corset too. I was so sure I didn’t want to tie my tummy with the cloth like my family asked me too. And most of the docs these days advice you not to wear a belt, so a corset should help keep the flabby belly tucked and makes sure not much gas gets caught up in your insides by keeping them all in place. And carry wide overnight sanitary napkins instead of thin ones. You may not be able to change the napkin quite often. Some hospitals give you a long one that should stay in place with an elastic belt like thing. I have heard my mom use it and saw one only after I delivered. No adhesive, just an elastic band that u wear and let the napkin hang from it at the front and back. TMI? You aren’t a mom yet!
6. Going home clothes. Take a nice set of clothes that would look neat as well as feel super comfortable in. you may have to feed the baby, so keep that in mind as well while picking your outfit. Also, click a picture of you guys leaving the hospital safe and sound! Nice to look at the funny looking mommy and weirdly cute who then seemed adorable to you.
7. Few clothes for the baby and coming home clothes for the baby. Now, many people believe that it’s bad luck to buy clothes before the child is born. But if there is nothing readily available, what would you put on? Also, if you ask me, I’d tell you to wash all new clothes before putting it on the baby… So, buy at least 4 pairs of clothes… Preferably ones with ties or buttons so it’s easy to roll the baby and put on of something you may have to force down from the baby’s head. Nothing wrong, you will just be too scared to do it, if you are like me.
8. Drool bibs or soft hand towels to dab baby clean of any drool or milk on the face if you’re a wonderfully gifted mom who lactates as soon as the baby is out.
9. Swaddles, mittens n sock shoes (pre washed) to keep the baby warm.
10. Liquid wash or soap, wipes, diapers, moisturizer for the baby. Some hospitals ask you for it while some use their own.
11. Empty bags for gifts and, also for dumping stuff when you get discharged. Trust me, you will have a million things that you just want to dump in a big bag and take them all home.
12. House slippers or rubber slippers. If you have those fancy slip ons that you clicked from some nice hotel that you stayed in, please take them, use them and throw then at the hospital when you leave. If not, buy a rubber slipper, you will probably use this for a while since most relatives will advice you to jot walk bear foot.
Bag 2 – this is a smaller bag with most used stuff.
You’ll need this even after you get admitted and as you wait for the baby to pop out.
My Bag 2 had the following…
1. Mobile & charger
2. Your gynec file.
3. Toilet bag. Most important. This will have your soap, face wash, brush, paste, shampoo, nail clippers, bindi, comb, hair ties, bands, and anything else that you would normally use to keep your hair out of your face cos … Ugh you’ll be super irritated for no reason and why risk showing it on those locks that fall on your face when you don’t want it to. And moisturizer, hair oil and whatever else you use everyday
4. Prenatal vitamins and other medication you’re on. Plus, the usual balms for headache and inhaler if you use one.
5. Id cards. Govt ones and it office. Insurance and I’d card if you’re doing cashless hospitalization. (This needs some forms and pre-approval and stuff so get a heads up on it when you are in your 37th week.)
6. Chocolate bar or a snack.
7. Candy like Poppins or Candyman to help you with the gagging reflex if you’re like me.
8. Tissues
9. Pen
10. Wallet
This is what you’ll need. you may want some other things too but make sure you aren’t taking many things, because, you’ll be back in a few days, if things go well and why both taking it and bringing it back.
I didn’t want to take
1. A car seat. This is usually recommended in most checklists but I for sure knew that I’ll be holding he baby in my hand (if my mom somehow lets me) and also because in India it’s not that big a deal to bring the baby home in a car seat. After a few days though, if you’re driving alone with the baby, you will obviously need it. But that’s up to u… Again, let’s not judge other moms and their parenting styles.
2. Make up stuff. Many lists had this too and some of you may feel an extra dose of energy when you look nicely decked up but I am still very bad at makeup and can’t do anything else to my face unless you give me half hour or so.
3. Bluetooth speaker. Some mom’s suggested that I take a Bluetooth speaker to play nice music at the hospital. I didn’t quite understand the logic behind it. Maybe the soothing sound is good to help us sleep better but that tiny human didn’t waste one min of sleep and I for the love of my sanity, couldn’t sleep at all. Maybe music would have helped. But nah… I didn’t bother trying.
That’s about it.
So, if you’re a mom to be…
Happy delivery gurl! Ur gonna rock it.
And if you aren’t a mom, pass it on to those preggy ladies you know.
Did I miss out anything? Add in the comments and let’s update this so that any new mommy-to-be finds it useful.

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16 thoughts on “Hospital Bag

  1. Being in a joint family, my mother in law had prepared me well during my first pregnancy. I had also prepared a bag for me and for the new member well in advance. It feels good when you are organised and don’t have to rush the last minute.


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