Challenges are fun!  This is the only thought I had as I enrolled in Super Blogger Challenge 2018. Well, I did enrol thinking it's going be just another blog train or competition. I would keep writing the blog posts and would or wouldn't win anything. That's it! Well, it cannot be too hard right?  I WAS SO WRONG! READ ON TO KNOW WHY!

INSTACUPPA – How it can help you!

Hydration! It seems to be the in-word at the moment. For any health-related issue, the easiest solution to reduce the effects it has on our body, all that is needed is one tall glass of water... sometimes more than one. When I got pregnant, I started noticing that my usually dry areas of skin were … Continue reading INSTACUPPA – How it can help you!


Hmmm so did u see final destination 1? Everywhere you get to see signs in that movie... Signs warning him of something... Signs giving him clues to find the pattern of death and so on... so, what are these signs? Hmmm actually when u walk out of your house ... towards your brand-new car... and you see a beautiful big crow's … Continue reading Signs

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Ice cream

Every time she went through a heartbreak Every test she failed at school or college Every accident she met with while trying to do cool stunts in her motorcycle Every sad ending movie in any language Every time she felt her life was one big disaster Every single promotion she was denied Every single time … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Ice cream

A Generation Without Gender Bias

Ever since I was, probably, 7 or 8 years old, I have always been judged and called out for Not having long hair Not liking pink Not wearing frocks Not having a sweet voice Hanging out with friends who happened to be boys Wearing shorts Riding a boy's cycle And many such ridiculously normal stuff … Continue reading A Generation Without Gender Bias