My love for Dosai

Dosai – My all time favorite! Yes, I am a south Indian. So it isn’t Dosa or Dosha or flour pancakes or crepes or whatever else you want to call it. It is and will always be DOSAI

Since I was a toddler, it seems that I never had any trouble eating dosai on my own. I remember my mom complaining forever, on how I used tk hate idly (I still do) and love Dosai. (I still do). No matter what the crispness or thickness, it never fails to tempt my appetite.

Plain dosai, rava dosai, onion dosai, rava onion dosai ghee roast, paper roast, mountain dosai, set dosai, kal dosai, podi dosai, andhra chutney dosai, paneer dosai, masala dosai, mushroom dosai, and any other different stuffing dosai… I don’t think the list will ever be done. Such is the power of the Dosai.

Carbs are actually needed!

Good carbs keep you energetic and lack of the same makes you feel too down and low. nd what better way than having a Dosai to help with your carb intake.

Yes, you read it right. Dosai is not just rich in Protein, Amino Acid and Probiotic, but the carb from Dosai is actually categorized as the good carb and with little or no oil, the Dosai can help eep your energy level up.

And I hope you are well aware of the various records that the ever mighty Dosai holds including a Guinness Record as well.

With a rocking combo of some saambar, orange (onion tomato), white (coconut), and green (coriander) chutneys dosai even instill some patriotism in me ๐Ÿ˜

So what better food than Dosai to keep us all happy!

Do let me know what your comfort food is… The one that makes you happy no matter what your mood

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22 thoughts on “My love for Dosai

  1. Love your post โ˜บ I started liking dosa when I tasted it in my hostel in tamilnadu. In Andhra, we have different types of dosa like karam dosa, masala dosa, egg dosa etc

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    1. Omg my Bawa’s mkm makes awesome dosas… Dunno what the original name is but we call it Produttur dosa… With some peanut chutney filling and something else… Oh man am hungry now


  2. Dosa is a staple food here! Everyone loves dosa here but we don’t have so much of varieties! Just the normal dosa, ghee roast, masala dosa and wheat dosa which is currently nonu’s favourite!

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