3018 – Fiction! Why not a reality?

As the sun rises in 3018, the premier leaders (all female) of 180 planets of the universe congregate at Sayuri Jima off erstwhile Japan. While they bask in the first rays of the dawning sun they plan the menu and the fine details of the elaborate feast. The feast was to celebrate the special day. It was the millennial anniversary of a spark. A spark that started the women revolution.



Yes, it was a different world back in 2018. A world filled lots of negativity against women. Let’s go back in time and see how things were.

The rulers were mostly men. Any woman on the forefront was mostly used as a puppet by men just to earn trust from the public. There were a few women trying to brush all the negativity aside and worked their way up. They were admired for their bravery and shrewdness but were also subjected to petty insults quite often. And those that seemed to stand firm through it all were mysteriously declared to have died of illness all of a sudden.

Not just men, even many women were against the idea of a powerful woman. A woman was judged by those of her own gender for simple things like leaving her hair open or wearing figure-hugging clothes. She was judged for her cooking skills, the sweetness of her voice, the length of her hair and what not. Such silly things were judged unnecessarily and in the most inappropriate ways possible.

There wasn’t a single field where a woman wasn’t trying to work in. But there were hardly a few jobs where a woman could get a managing position over few men. If this was in the workplace, it wasn’t any easy at home. Women could not easily make the decisions in a joint family. In a nuclear family, it was easier to convince a husband. But in a joint family, she didn’t even have a say in any of the important discussions.

Such was the plight of women back in those days. There were many protests to change this but they didn’t seem to have any impact. All until 2018, when it all started. The revolution that changed the history of women. A revolution called ‘Blog against Injustice’. Started by a small group of bloggers, it grew and grew into a massive network of bloggers from all over the world. They all had a single purpose and were posted by many seasoned and newbie bloggers. They all stood (or sat) united, to achieve equality for men and women.

Young Girl Sitting With Laptop

Equality doesn’t mean one group raising above the other but means raising together as equals.

Word spread far and wide and change was inevitable. It started slow but kept spreading like wildfire. Talented, strong-willed women were given the spotlight and the struggles they faced were brought out to the public. This brought about a change in the perspective of people all over.

In no time, there were many women taking roles that they were previously denied. They had the respect they long deserved. Men truly realized that it was okay to step down to let a woman take charge. There was no more Ego, no more judgement, no more injustice against women. Men started looking at house chores and parenting as their responsibility instead of a favour that they were doing to the ladies of the house. Kids, at school, were taught the right behaviour towards everyone alike.


And now in 3018, kids grew up listening to such stories of how bad life was and how grateful they should be for how things changed. Everyone showed their heights of excitement for the millennial anniversary. There would be dancing, singing, celebration, feast and what not!

Wouldn’t it be great to live in such a wonderful world? Why don’t we all join hands and start such a revolution? 🙂

This blog post is written as part of #Womensdayblogparty

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I’d like to thank Shalu for the sweet introduction she gave me in her blog post.


Read her post for this blog party here.

Also now let me introduce Veena. She is the charmster of a mom of Arya, Anjie and kittu. Her blog chronicles her Journey of being a Mom to 2 amazing kids and 1 Cat. She talks about picture books they love, activities they enjoy, games they love, kids lifestyle, mommying struggles and anything – everything under the sun!

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22 thoughts on “3018 – Fiction! Why not a reality?

  1. That was one powerful writeup. Kudos to you and to the whole women out there. Hope we all can make such a wonderful world someday 😊

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  2. Truly the pen is mightier than the sword. It would be so amazing if we could bring change like that to the world.
    Thanks for joining in our #WomensDayBlogParty. It has been a pleasure reading your interpretation of the prompt

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wah wah! This is the first fiction post I read amongst the #WomensDayBlogParty entries and hats off to you for having pulled this out of your thinking hat. I wanted to read more when it ended.. perhaps you can do a part2 soon. Love your writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow. I so wish for such a revolution and if it’s through blogging I can’t ask for more. A revolution needs to come irrespective from where and how. Women need to stand for women coz men hardly do.

    Liked by 1 person

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