My AnoonA and me

A few simple joys of life…
I never thought that I could do any of my usual work at home after my little one was born.
Just when I wanted to clean the messy room, he will want a diaper change.
The minute I decide to sit down to write a blog post, he will want some entertainment.
And when I decide to have a few minutes of me time, he will have trouble sleeping and will want some cuddling, rocking and nursing.

This was how things were at home. At least till today. Today, I decided to take things back in my control. I chose to wear the lil one during his nap time and withing a few minutes of being held in the carrier, he started drifting away to dream land (thanks to all the sleepy dust from AnoonA).

And me, I cleaned the room, folded the clothes that were piling up, and after few more such little chores, I had time to myself… And I just spent the time walking, singing and smiling.

I love wearing my tigger when we go out but never tried it for more than 5 minutes at home. And now I am almost hitting my head thinking why I never did it till today.

The soft but strong linen is such a life saver when it comes to the chennai heat. My cotton AnoonA was great for the winter but come Summer, the linen AnoonA is a must have for baby wearing mamas.

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8 thoughts on “My AnoonA and me

  1. Babywearing also allows you to bond with the child ❤️ I babywear him in a cotton saree 😀 Anoona is something ive been eyeing upon.High time i lay my hands on them

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