Hmmm so did u see final destination 1?
Everywhere you get to see signs in that movie…
Signs warning him of something… Signs giving him clues to find the pattern of death and so on…
so, what are these signs?
Hmmm actually when u walk out of your house … towards your brand-new car… and you see a beautiful big crow’s art… is that a sign?
(Yes, it is… the sign tells you that you have not covered up the car)
Or when you try and somehow keep your eyes open in class u find many of your class mates sleeping already… is that a sign?
(Again… yes… The sign shows you that a wonderful babysitter has mistakenly been appointed by the college as a teacher but still she continues her job of sending you to dreamland with perfection)
So, there are many such signs that we notice…
But these need to be interpreted in the right way… or else it may end up resulting in many disastrous outcomes.
A big example for this is the incident that happened to me.
My mom likes to visit my room once or twice whether am inside or not … just to check if I’ve left milk (Yuppity Yup! I don’t like coffee) cups as such… or to check if my brush is lying on my table and such things…
And it so happened one day that when she saw my room she mistook my beautifully covered table to show signs
(Yes, my table is covered… ~~~ obviously not with a table cloth but with books, papers, stationary stuff, etc. (including my toothbrush occasionally)
And she thought my table was signaling her that am neglecting it…
So, I had to sit for a while listening to my sweet mommy’s talk about keeping things in order and respecting disciplinary principles and such things…
So, she took a sign which was not meant to be and asked me to clean up my table which was filling up with Tigger’s clothes, diapers, toys, and books as well…
And this explains how taking wrong signs is an easily committable sin…
BEWARE my blog readers… U may be fooled into doing something that you do not wish to do just because you interpreted your signs the wrong way
(P.S. I still haven’t cleaned my table)

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