100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Killer

She sat on her bed next to her little one.

Her eyes kept searching every corner of the dark room

Her trusted weapon ready in hand

Her rage was murderous and her motive was very clear


She spotted them coming towards her baby

She knew she had to act fast to protect him

She had been far too lenient and kind till then

But it was time to get her revenge

She aimed at them with the bate she held tight

Swishing and swashing it till she stopped hearing the noises

The mosquitoes were all dead

She killed them all

This blog is part of ‘100 words A-Z Blogging Challenge’ started by Nikita.
Click here to read her posts on same. You may also check out a few more awesome posts from her link
Each week one blog with just 100 words in the main content shall be posted. This will be titled with a word from the alphabet assigned to each week.
For example:
Week 1 (Jan 1-7) – A
Week 2 (Jan 8-14) – B
and so on.
This way, in 52 weeks, the whole alphabet will be covered twice.
To read the previous blog from Week 10 – Click here
To read all the blog posts from the series – Click here

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