Engagement rings and How to pick yours!

We al have our own unique styles. Even if we pick the same outfit as our siblings or friends, we have our own way of customizing it to suit our sense of style.

When it comes to weddings, each object we use is given much thought as it would be a small patr of a bigger memory.

I still remember the day, my husband gave me my first ring. The joy and happiness that came out of it is like no other. Its been years now, but I still do not have a day without my ring on me.


With regards to selecting moissanite halo engagement rings there are a lot of options available for to decide on the one that’s ideal for you. From a large number of rings available, selecting the one which suits your personality is really a bewildering task.

Let’s see a few different styles in which one can pick their ideal ring:

1. Classic Ring

Classic diamond engagement rings have their own niche in fashion and style. It is an ageless beauty and has been in existence since forever. For ladies having a sleek wardrobe, solitaire is the best option. You could also choose a cut that suits your style.

The cuts can be a classic round, square or event some custom shapes like a heart. If the gemstone has a subtle color then it’s best to have it in a platinum or white-gold setting.

2. Glamorous Ring

Glamour is all about the Bling and the Glitz … the big and grand statement pieces. The bigger the stone, the narow it”s setting like the narrow emerald cut morganite engagement rings. The initial triple shank trait helps make the ring much more sparkling than your normal split shank is what google says! And so do the srtisans with years of experience.

3. Romantic Ring

Romance may be the essence of existence. Romantic diamond engagement ring is one that stands out for it’s intricate fine detailing. Something in the lines of a basketweave or lacey settings would generally be the setting for such unique pieces. The gemstone is built to look very prominent which reminds the wearer of the intricasies of the relationship.

4. Vintage Ring

Vintage and retro jewellery have their class apart. Lots of new rose gold opal engagement rings come in vintage style to provide the sensation of retro look. These wings have a subtle touch to it that seems to date back years before. However there’s nothing old or new about this if you value vintage style.

5. Bohemian Ring

For free spiritied souls, the ideal choice is the Bohemian ring. These unique and beautiful rings are usually one of a kind. Such phenomenal diamond engagement rings are usually hand crafted by jewellery artisans.

Picking out a appropriate diamond engagement ring requires lots of research and understanding of one’s preferences.

When the ring stays in your hand for a lifetime, it needs its own time and effort to be picked out to make sure wearing it is an absolute joy.

This is a sponsored post but all the thoughts and opinions shared herein are my own and are not influenced by anyone.

6 thoughts on “Engagement rings and How to pick yours!

  1. I am married but there’s no age for romance. Let me try showing these recommendations to my husband, perhaps he will agree to get married again and I would get one of these beautiful engagement rings 🙈 Or I can push him to gift one to me. 😜 But this post is really helpful for the confused brides out there. One will know what to pick and there won’t be a face off with an irritated husband to be.


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