Thanks is for giving

Disclaimer: Parental (or an adult) guidance is recommended. Not for the privileged, ‘I get upset about everything’s folks. The article contains words like contraceptive, period, etc..

Once u become a mom, it is a very common thing to say, ‘I am most thankful for my child. He is the best thing that happened to me. My biggest blessing.’

It is understandable that the baby is of utmost importance to a mom, but in all the joy, excitement, anxiety and fear, most moms forget their support systems who kept them sane till then and even after.

Here, husbands and the (grand)moms are the firsts ones to get appreciated the most. But we forget many many others who directly and indirectly supported us through those 9months of incubation.

I am no different. So this post is my way if thanking all those who helped me a lot, drove me mad, kept me grounded, had me excited and what not.

  1. To the contraceptive manufacturer, without who, we would have never realised that we were ready to have the baby when we were. For keeping accidents at bay and our minds at peace. Also for staying safely hidden from the family.
  2. To the home test kit folks. Life is much easier because certain things can be done at home. Imagine going to the doc everytime ur period was lazy or everytime u suspected a pregnancy. These kits are very affordable too.
  3. To the various co-passengers in the bus on my way to work. There were many times during the initial stages of pregnancy when it’s not easy to tell people, I need the seat, I am pregnant. Because the tummy obv doesn’t show and people are very suspicious that girls fake it to get a seat? Not sure what would happen if for once in a while they gave in and got up to offer the seat. Maybe they would be greeted with a smile from a stranger that day. But not everyone wants it I guess. I remember both cases happening to me. I was offered a seat as soon as the person realized I was feeling dizzy and sick. I was refused a seat by a person who thought I didn’t deserve one as much as she did. More of the latter in my case and most of these passengers are ladies, who either delivered long back or a few years ago. More on this in another post.
  4. To the anti-nausea tab manufacturer. I was going mad with all the vomiting. And I was also travelling almost all weekends from the city I was working in, to the city I belong to. And this journey was even more tedious due to all the vomiting. This did not stop until the two hours before my delivery. If not for the tablet, I would have probably ended up murdering someone.
  5. To my colleagues at work. I have shared all my happiness sorrow, fear, anxiety and dreams with a chosen few from office and these people have been such a strong dose of energy for me. From sharing their experience to always telling me that I will get through anything, these ladies are just the kind of back up anyone needs.
  6. To online food delivery apps. When I was sick to the stomach and too tired to cook, no one else came to the rescue except for these apps. Husband used to be deep into his work and I couldn’t even imagine wearing pants to go out of the house once I came back from office and crashed. These apps can very well give me a membership card.
  7. To Instagram & Youtube. Random videos on instagram ranging from zit popping to 5 minute diy. Stand-up comedy to korean serials on youtube – I whiled away most of my pregnancy scrolling through either of these apps.
  8. To family – especially my sister, mom, aunt and mother-in-law. They made sure to give me everything from advice to iron tablets. From dosa batter to peanut barfi to health mix to add to dosa batter. If Tigger is a healthy baby, it’s only thanks to these women.
  9. To my husband. My rock! He was going through so many changes at work front but he remained the sane one in our relationship. From tucking me in when I fall asleep with the phone to eating whatever I managed to cook when I felt ok. From smiling through all the bickering from me to the hugs that make me feel beautiful. He kept the chocolates ready for midnight hunger attacks and candies ready for nausea attacks.
  10. To the nurses at the hospital. They just made things so much less gross than it actually is
  11. To the doc who delivered my baby. She kept talking to me all through the operation and if she didn’t, I would have only focussed on all the stuff she took out from my belly (I could see it from the spotlight above me and don’t even bother asking me what I saw)
  12. To myself. For never giving up when the days seemed never-ending. For not banging my head from all the constant puking. For trying to eat any vegetable just to get a little bit healthy. For attending the prenatal classes regularly. For doing all that I did just to have a normal delivery (even if that didn’t happen)
  13. To AB – My Tiny Tigger. The soul that went through much more than he could ever narrate. Can’t imagine someone trying to get out of a sac for 17.5 hours – swimming, struggling, pushing through, doing all that he could just to survive and save me from the unimaginable. For staying safe when I fell down with him inside me. For letting me have dosais all through my pregnancy. For breaking the myth of the mighty chinese calendar that my mom treasured (Never failed to predict the gender of the baby for many many years till Tigger proved it wrong). For making his dad talk cute cuddly words. For being a chubby bunny and proving all the women wrong (Those who said I wasn’t making enough milk). For smiling at me as if I am the only person who he needs in life. For never giving up on me.

What are you thankful for the most?

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16 thoughts on “Thanks is for giving

  1. Wonderfully written article. It has tbe perfect dose of humor which does not ever trigger into your stomach. A very unique way of thanking everyone. Great going for the challenge

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  2. Trust me when I say I got emotional. With my little one about to turn six months old, every word of your post is relatable. From the office friends to random strangers and all those cab drivers who drove carefully on realizing that I was expecting. Just witnessed a flash back of my pregnancy. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Hehee.. loved reading this one. Something which usually no-one speaks about. And I can’t agree with you more! #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

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