Choice matters

We spend our time, energy and money while shopping (even our WiFi Data in case of online shopping or taking pics to WhatsApp and ask an opinion about what we buy). Our final decision depends on many factors like affordability, style, material, usage, resale value, detailing and so on

Babywearing is a boon to the New Age mom. And when you select a carrier for your use or for gifting, various factors play a very important role in the same.

Tigger is turning 5 months old and I have tried him in three types of carriers already and different materials as well. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with all you lovely people. So read on!


  • Affordability:

    The price plays a very important role for most of us. Soul carriers start at the most affordable rates of 1500 per carrier (solid slings) and 3100 per carrier (Onbuhimo). And there is always a sale going on just to spread love and joy to mamas from every part of the world. Soulmates also give out discount codes for select carriers. Now, that is a double yaey!

  • Style:

    You will be spoilt for choice in the website. There is atleast a dozen regular prints and many limited editions that are rolled out quite often. Choosing a carrier that fits your style cannot be easier than this. Wraps, Ring slings, AnoonAs, Full buckle (standard and Toddler), Onbuhimo and Meh Dai (the last few are still available in the clearance sale`:D ) are the various choices you have in terms of picking the type of carrier. Within that you have the option of choosing cotton, single layered, double layered, linen. (Talk about being spoilt for choice) More on the different materials on a later post.

  • Material:

    When you buy a Soul product you can be sure that only the best quality baby-safe dyes have been used.Soul is proud to showcase the finest of Indian textiles in all their products.The famous Soul linen fabrics are sourced from India’s largest linen manufacturers who use only the finest of Irish linen yarn.

  • Usage:

    Unlike few other carriers that don’t last long, Soul carriers are known to be passed from one mom to another or used for the first second and even the third child. Wraps and slings are used as a backup blankie. And all carriers have one way or another of providing a sun protection which I use as a nursing cover. (But you can also choose a cool sun hat matching to your carrier’s patterns)

  • Resale value:

    After using the carrier from Soul for many years, one may chose to sell the same in the Soul Facebook groups. If in good condition, moms all over the world will be happy to buy a pre-loved carrier. Or the same can also be traded for a different print if you wish!

  • Detailing:

    The hand or machine woven carriers are a beauty on their own. The hand woven ‘Sumac’, the double Ikat woven ‘Patola’ weaves, where both the warp and weft threads are wrapped to resist the dye according to the desired pattern. The Jaquard weaves deliver a snuggly cuddle. The weave patterns are a treat to the camera handed moms.

What else would you like to know about Soul? Drop in a comment below and I’d love to post about it.

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