My reception hair do was a simple half tied up hair with a hair extension to have additional length and volume.

I remember how comfortable it felt when the hair stylist finished my hair do.

Extensions also add colorful elements to one’s hair resulting in such beautiful temporary versatile looks. Quite famous in movie actors especially in Indian movies where the actresses sport varied images according to their character traits on various occasions through choosing stunning dresses, getting delicate makeup and pulling off fantastic hairstyles. It’s globally known that exposure to hot climatic conditions and continuous use of chemical agents in hair generally lead to great harm to real hair. Furthermore, many women and men too suffer from hair loos and live with thin hair. Women and even the men today spend a great deal of time and money on beauty and hair care. This brought about the revolutionary hair extensions.

Extensions made from diversified hair materials can help you achieve expected hair length with voluminous strands within a couple of minutes based on professional instructions. Isn’t that a boon compared to waiting for years and years for natural hair to develop. Due to the development of technology, common people also get access to gorgeous extensions that are absolutely affordable.

The extensions made from real hair, can be used extensively for almost twelve months due to the high quality materials and strong inner constructions. But these hair extensions need the right care as well. Below are some essential strategies for taking proper proper care of extensions.

1. Because of prime-class hair materials and delightful hair constructions, extensions deliver an unparalleled sense of natural look if handled gently. For clip in extensions, several clips could make extensions blend well together with your real human hair weave. Just apply and take them correctly based on professional instructions for them to stay forever in good condition looking sleek and shine.

2. It’s quite common understanding that both salt content in water and dirt can harm the hair cuticle. Thus it is recommended to wash them only once in a while. For real hair extensions, remove all of the tangles and knots from hair with a wide-toothed comb before washing them as they get twisted much like real hair unlike the synthetic fibre. For those, you need to simply dip them right into a basin that is filled with 3/4 tepid to warm water and shampoo around ten minutes. Rinse them softly much like your real human hair.

3. After washing them, dry them as quickly as possible to preserve the quality of the extensions. For this, you could dry them with towel or blow dryer if they’re made from real hair. Appropriate use of professional hair conditioners helps in maintaining a lovely gloss.

There are actually quite cheap hair extensions with short or deep wave weave and clip in extensions made from 100% real hair. Furthermore it’s also wise to take proper proper care of them to be able to enjoy the benefits of clipping on those gorgeous long locks of hair.