13 Reasons Why – Part 1

Disclaimer: Not about the tv series or the book 🙂

Babywearing can be such a boon to many many parents. But to me, it has become the biggest reason behind my happiness. I absolutely love it every time I pick My Tiny Tigger and carry him around.


Here are 13 reasons why:

  1. Safe and Snug

    When u carry the tiny on your hand or hip, chances are slim but it is still possible for the little one to sway, bend, push back and what not. They are just the squirmiest and know how to scare you! But when in a wrap or sling or a carrier, the baby is safe and snug inside and luckily no escape – Happy mommy!


  2. Hands-Free

    As a new mom, you can rest up all you want for probably 40 days maximum (Am talking about the average moms here – not those lucky ladies who get to spend most of their time being cared for while watching Netflix or amazon prime on their bed). After that initial rest period, your legs hit the floor running. I remember finding it hard to be away, to do most of my everyday chores. Most of them needed my hands and my hands had their ultimate priority of holding the baby. Enter Soul AnoonA and my hands were mine again.


  3. Ergonomic babywearing

    I had back pain forever if I remember right. I was scared of carriers making my back even weak than it actually is. But the Soul carriers are designed to offer natural, ergonomic support to the mom and the child. The child will typically sit within the carrier with their knees drawn higher than their bottom and hands to their sides, mimicking their natural position when held in your arms. In addition, these carriers fit a wide range of adult bodies from petite to plus-sizes (lucky me).


  4. Beautiful prints

    Have you any idea how beautiful the prints from Soul are? If you don’t, then just drool away at the pics here. They complement your clothes so beautifully and are probably the best way for a tired mom to look bright and fresh (again personal experience 😛 )


  5. Have a life – even a hobby

    When a mom is on a maternity leave, she does start feeling down at some point. Being a stay at home all day mom isn’t easy for many. To fight boredom, (and to make sure boredom doesn’t lead to insanity) many moms start their long lost love for hobbies. Knitting, crocheting, books, cooking, gardening and Blogging (wink wink) are some of these many many hobbies that come to life.


  6. Easy for dads

    When dads do their bit of parenting, the mommy has the biggest smiles. Especially when the daddy holds the little one in a carrier, the mommy smiles away with her mind going AWWW at the cuteness of the 2 people she loves dearly.


Tempted to try a carrier? Come be a part of the Soul Family and try out the carrier which suits your style. Part 2 of the 13 reasons why coming up soon.

This post is written as a part of the ‘Happiness blog train’. This awesome initiative is from Blogsikka and Mom’sMethods and is sponsored by ‘Nayasa‘. Nayasa has now introduced a new range of bottles. This cool range of bottles are insulated, so they maintain the liquid’s temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold. The new designs are quite practical and very aesthetic. From holding them in palms to the ingenious cap, everything is designed so beautifully.

My hearty thanks to Aditi chib, who blogs at Glorify Urself. She is an MBA by degree and a blogger by heart. She is a beauty, fashion, food, and a lifestyle Blogger and a Dreamer. Check out her take on happiness

And now that you had a nice stop at my station, hop on board and choo choo over to Nimmy’s blog. Nimmy is a darling momma of 2 teeny babies – Norah and Bella who aren’t just double trouble but double the cuteness as well. Check out her blog for her views and experiences on pregnancy & parenting, DIY & craft tutorials, recipes and much more. If you found my reasons for happiness different than the usual, check out Nimmy’s post where she tells you how happy it made her.

15 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why – Part 1

  1. i have never tried baby wearing, but when i read such posts, i really feel that i missed out on this opportunity. i struggled when my baby was clingy and could not work on many days, this could have avoided if i would have tried this.

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  2. So many people find happiness in small things still some people cribs on silly things ,I wish they read your article and understand the real sense of happiness

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wearing my baby is definitely my idea of happiness too .. and i miss it so much now that they are older.. their smell, their gurgles, their movements all bringing a smile to my face while wearing them

    Liked by 1 person

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