13 Reasons Why – Part 2

Disclaimer: Not about the tv series or the book πŸ™‚

Babywearing can be such a boon to many many parents. But to me, it has become the biggest reason behind my happiness. I absolutely love it every time I pick My Tiny Tigger and carry him around.


Here are 13 reasons why:

  1. Safe and Snug

  2. Hands-Free

  3. Ergonomic babywearing

  4. Beautiful prints

  5. Have a life – even a hobby

  6. Easy for dads

    To read more about the above 6 points click here to read Part 1. Now read on to check the other reasons why babywearing makes me happy.

  7. Sustainable Living


    The earth has enough garbage you guys, stop throwing more garbage into it. Check out the video to know how even the bag that your carrier comes in, can be reused in so so so many ways. I use it for storing my cloth diapers. Video

  8. Comfortable for baby

    Babies just find Soul carriers super comfortable. They provide just the right amount of support while being flexible enough to hold the baby snug. Just ask Tigger!! (Uhm he can’t talk yet, but if he could, this is what he’ll say!)


  9. Store away

    Unclip, fold, roll, clip and your carrier is now a bundle that can be stored away in the space that you need for a small sofa pillow. How much easier do you want life to be, you lazy girl? (Uhmm that’s me!)


  10. Affordable

    Prices that make you smile so big. Soul carriers are priced from as low as 1.5k and there is usually a sale going on most of the time. Or if you know a soul mate. Then ask them for a discount and voila your hard earned bucks are safe.


  11. Variety

    Types of carriers don’t just stay limited to prints and carrier or wraps. You can also choose from linen, cotton, jacquard weave, single layer, double layer. Just continue wearing those babies through all the seasons of a year… And maybe all the way till they turn 900 years old. (Uhmm… that was Yoda yo!)


  12. Sleep dust

    Takes a maximum of 12 minutes to put my little one to sleep. The record time for us though has been 7 minutes. But look at this baby right here, his mommy hasn’t even finished wrapping him up and he is already ready to snooze away.


  13. Cuddles unlimited

    The ultimate way to get all those cuddles that will make your life much more awesome than it is right now. Yup, a carrier helps you get the cuddles in style. And get them no matter what you are doing at the moment. Tiny head leaning on you, (Sometimes even 2 Tiny heads, when you tandem wear) little hands wrapping you in a hug


Tempted to try a carrier? Come be a part of the Soul Family and try out the carrier which suits your style.

Check out the carriers that make your life happy here

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22 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why – Part 2

  1. I know it has so many benefits, well said. But in my case, firstly I didnt get a good brand and secondly I always thought my baby would fall. I dont know why but it has made me uncomfortable. So I didnt use. But now I suggest all for baby wearing

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  2. I have always loved babywearing but soon after 6 months, my baby started rejecting it. Still, we used our carrier while traveling and on small outings. It was one of my most prized possessions. It’s a must-read post for parents who are confused whether to start babywearing or not.

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  3. Baby carrier or kangaroo bags are saviour. Let me reiterate an incident. Recent one. I was carrying my baby in the bag and was about to cross the road. All of a sudden, while on the divider, I was surrounded by blackness and my right ankle twisted, I fell on my left knee, the cars stopped and everything was a big blank gap for me. Had it not been for that bag, idk what would have happened to us. I forbid to think about it!

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  4. LOVE how you presented this post! I used baby carrier for about 4 months when my son was a baby and i loved it! It was really useful on trips where lot of walking was involved specially beaches. Baby carriers are just life savers!


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