Baby wearing – Side effects

Baby wearing has made my life a lot more easy than I expected it to be.

I have been able to do almost all of my chores with Tigger cuddled up safe. I say almost because, even though I can use a carrier for prep work in the kitchen, I can carry him when I cook using the stove. And obviously I need some breaks for nature calls. Except for such small breaks, a baby can be carried up in a carrier for however long a mom and her baby are comfortable.

Even my hubby loves to baby wear. Not because of any other reason but the fact that he gets super jealous everytime he sees me cuddling Tigger in a carrier. He immediately sulks as he misses out the cuddles with the little one and asks me to give him the carrier.

My mother, aunt, sister and cousins tried it too. They all found it easy to carry Tigger in the carrier and even easier to put him to sleep in one. They also love the fact that I am not the only cool looking person with a carrier but they will never admit it. He he.

Now, when I got my carrier, I also got with it a few (read many) stares, weird looks and a placard saying ‘Please pass on some judgement’. Am not kidding when I say this. Starting from my grandma, everyone who saw me in a carrier, had something to say to me. I got comments even from a park security and peanut sellers on the roads. Some were outright crazy but some others made me feel good.

So here are some side effects – both bad and good that came out of our baby wearing journey.

Bad ones

  • Why do you torture a small child by hanging him to your body? (Tigger was poking his hands out trying to reach out a balloon that was near him but he couldn’t)
  • Why can’t you just stay at home and let the baby be. (Do i even have to say anything here?)
  • Why do you make the baby sit in such an uncomfortable position (one minute before this guy nodded off comfortably)
  • What are you doing to the poor child (Just making sure he is snug and happy if you really wanted an answer)
  • The baby’s head will get tilted to one side (Yeah like this guy cannot turn his head to the other side when he wants to 🙄)
  • He clearly doesn’t want to be inside the carrier (as I was trying to carry him and seat him in the carrier while slightly rocking him)
  • This is just a fad that you new age moms want to do just to be cool (Yeah like how the moms these days are managing everything on their own and still trying to gentle parent baby wear, and wean the child by blw methods. Yes yes no struggle. Only for fashion)

Good ones

The happy comments came from a few who were actually not sarcastic but appreciative.

  • Hey you actually carried the baby, the diaper bag and got out of the car on your own. (Imagine my big grin)
  • How are you actually cooking a decent meal with a little one at home? (Thanks to OPOS and Soul)
  • I really thought u wasted money in the carrier but seeing you use it so much I want to get one too (The best comment I got from a fellow mom)
  • Hey that looks so pretty. I thought carriers only came in beige, black or brown. (You have even prettier prints if u want girl)
  • ☺️️ (That’s from my happy baby)
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16 thoughts on “Baby wearing – Side effects

  1. Ok for those who think this is a fad it clearly isn’t because in the history books it is written that Rani of Jhansi wore/slung her child on her back and for the British these people who think that it is just a craze haven’t studied history properly. Tumi babywearing is quite comfortable my baby was saved because of the kangaroo bag she was in while I fell off the divider!

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  2. Ha ha, this was a great read, actually when I too started, I received so many comments as to why are you hanging the baby and his neck and so on. But I loved wearing and I did it:)

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  3. The first time i had to travel all alone a long distance was when she was just 4 months old. I couldnt have done that without a baby carrier.

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  4. I used baby carrier a lot of times with my son. It made my life so much easier in terms of going out on trips or even at home sometimes.

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  5. Baby carriers are comfortable for a mum as well as a baby. Baby’s body is flexible enough to not to get hurt if the carrier is worn properly and if right carrier is chosen. Secondly, its such a saviour for mums, they can work at home or go out while keeping their baby close to them. This gives assurance to baby as well.


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  6. People always tell the good part of it.. but you have mentioned all the good and bad parts of it. Still I feel, baby-wearing is good for the mamma and the baby too.

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