*Disclaimers: I am no expert. It may seem difficult in the beginning. You will get the hang of it. It will become easy to handle soon*

Here is how I do it.

If you feel I need to change something do let me know. If there are questions, I would love to answer them to the extent of my knowledge.

Check out this link here for my older post on reading material if you are new to the world of cloth diapering.

My cloth diaper wash routine:

  • When I take the diaper off the baby and if it has any poop, then I will take it to the wc and hold the diaper over it and spray it with the hand shower (health faucet) till all the poop is knocked off or till the runny poop is off the diaper.
  • Stain may remain but that’s ok.
  • Then I take any insert out and rinse the diaper and inserts till I don’t see any color coming off then I squeeze out (do not wring) them and store them away, either in a closed bag till the next day.

  • You can also let them dry over an open pail out in the sun.
  • The next day (or after 2 days which is also ok) when u r ready to wash, just let the diapers have a prewash before u wash them with the main load (all other clothes).
  • For prewash I put the diapers in for a quick spin with very little detergent and rinse it off and then add the other clothes and wash as usual.
  • It is important to rinse the diapers alone just once again after all clothes are washed to make sure there isn’t any detergent buildup.
  • This is the same cycle for either hand wash or for machine wash.
  • Then just let them line dry under the sun.
  • Any yellow stain will vanish under the sun.

  • If you find the diaper not holding even one pee and starting to smell, it can be because of either hard water or pee build up or detergent build up.
  • You can use Tide or Rustic art for hard water and for the other 2 cases, letting them soak in hot water for a while will do the trick.
  • Rinsing the diaper and insert just off the bum is the same for pee diapers too and not just for poopy diapers.
  • This is also called agitation of diapers and can also be done by letting the diapers spin in water with a turkey towel. This is very much needed to ensure the diapers don’t stink.
  • If the little one has any paracetamol for fever, the inserts have a way of turning blacking grey. This is normal and doesn’t affect the diaper or inserts. Continue using and they turn back normal after a few washes.
  • Also, microfiber never goes directly on the bum. Fleece or chacoal bamboo can.

That is it. It may seen like a lot of work, it definition is. Especially if you are used to disposables that you can just this away and get going. But I urge you to think about any dia per rash you ever had or heard of. Any article on landfills that you may have read and about that soft squisky num of ur darling baby. It may want to make you try this. Also, there definitely is a saying in terms of the cost of diapers on a long run, unless you are planning elimination communication or early potty training. And let’s talk about all that in another post.