Sagarika was a 14 years old, bubbly, energetic, friendly kid who was full of life and love. She had lot of friends and was always known for being kind and gentle.

During her summer holidays that year, she got her first menstrual period. She wasn’t shocked as some of her friends had already gotten theirs before her and her mom’s had explained to her how, why and what it is. She was ready for it and determined to not let it affect her way of life.

She played with her friends, ran around, and did everything that she would normally do otherwise. But she found herself a little more tired than usual. She expressed her thoughts to her mom and was made to understand how her body needed some rest but also some exercise even if it is sometimes tiring. Her mom told her how lying on a couch watching TV and eating junk would seem like a better option at such times but the exercise will keep her mind and body happy.

She also realised that on some months she had a breeze but on some others she had cramps, pain and felt moody. But she realised that all she needed was a bottle of water every few hours and a good bout of exercise to keep her spirits up. She found healthy ways to cope with her menstrual blues. She never hesitated from anything and didn’t let it affect her healthy energetic lifestyle.

Her mother also took her to regular check ups which she realised was something that was part of keeping control of how her body was and to have a qualified person to get more clarification from for all her doubts and inquisitive thoughts.


Waiting for a twist in the story? Why? Does every story need a twist? A speed bump? Why not just settle for a happy short story where a girl grew up in acceptance with her body? Yes, most of us may have not had such a blessed life where we accepted our body for what it was and knew exactly how to keep it healthy. Even if we knew, some of us had limitations to how healthy we keep ourselves and we give in to the moody PME and sit with a tub of icecream and binge watch our favorite sitcom. So why not let Sagarika have a healthier life? Why don’t we encourage all our cousin’s, neices, sisters, and daughters to lead such a life from early on. And isn’t it time we stopped hiding behind the so called Busy Adult Life and took some time off for ourselves to keep us fit. That way when the next PMS mood swings hits, we hit it right back with a healthy mind and body!

Let’s live our life to the fullest – Period or no Period

This post is my entry for the WMD Blog Train hosted by Anupriya of
14 wonderful ladies have stepped forward to express their thoughts on #MenstrualHygieneDay and stress on the fact that there are #NoMoreLimits for a woman.
This World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28), our endeavor is to break the taboo that engulfs this natural phenomenon that is the basis of very existence of human life on earth.

I would like to thank Bhawna for introducing me. Bhawna Shah is a wonderful blogger I came across recently during a blogger competition. She writes about lifestyle, online world, giving back to the society and much more. Check out her blog to read more

And now let’s head to meet Yogita. Yogita Amit Joshi is a Passionate Writer, poet, and believes in expressing words from heart compositions to genuine reviews. Head to her blog to read her post on the topic.

Now, that’s not all. All you have to do is head to Anupriya’s post and drop in a comment about your #NoMoreLimits experience on her post linked above. You stand a chance to win a DEA Corp Menstrual Cup worth Rs. 2500/-.

24 thoughts on “Sagarika

  1. This is most important topic in women’s life but I really want men’s also understand what a women’s go through while this phase.

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  2. Hey This is one amazing message that you have sent across through your story without a twist. Rather I would say that the very twist in your post is a reality check for each of us women who need to take charge of our lives and make some time for a health mind and body. I remember, that one of the mothers in my family actually cried when her daughter got her first period, because for her it was the end of carefree living.

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  3. This is one topic which is still considered a taboo in Indian society I am so glad you guys are coming up and spoken about it in such a beautiful manner and highlighted it so wonderfully.

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  4. This is a beautifully written post. How beautifully you have discussed such an important topic is commendable.


  5. I was lucky my mum explained it to me before I had my first period so I was prepared but I wish there was less social taboos and more awareness about it. Well written


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