Before you buy a carrier

Hey everyone, am sure you all know by now, how much I love babywearing. But before I started, I had done my own research of brands, types, and other r search or care maintenance and usage of the different baby carriers available.

So here are my tips for you to help ease your research.

1. Join FB groups.

Everyday Babywearing, Babywearing India, Soul Family are some amazing help groups you can join to understand the ABC of babywearing.

They help with anything and everything, including how wrong or wonderfully correct your wrap job is

2. Choose the carrier type

According to your need and baby’s age and development, you can chose the type of carrier that would suit you and the baby the best.

This is a pic from Soul showing their different carriers and how they would work.

3. Try a carrier

Once you look into and decide what would be right for you, start looking for libraries near you where you can try the carrier. The Soul FB page can help you with it.

These libraries are usually managed by soul moms who are super pro on how to wear the baby the right way to make babywearing easy and comfortable for the both of you.

You may even rent a carrier for a week or so and test it out for a price.

4. Try the Travelling Carrier Program

Soul has a travelling carrier program (TCP) where you can sign up to receive the carrier free of charge to host for a week.

You can test out the carrier all you want during your TCP. Even post pictures on the FB page to check if you have any doubts.

5. Giveaways:

Anyone who has ever used a soul product will for sure love it. So when Soul, soulmates or any one else posts a giveaway where you stand a chance to win a carrier, grab it with both your hands, possibly legs and anything else or anyone else you can use. If it isn’t the carrier you dreamed for, you still are at an advantage. Read on to know why.

6. ISO and BST:

Another great reason to join Soul FB group, is their In Search Of (ISO) and Buy, Sell or Trade (BST) threads. You get to sell any soul carrier or buy one at a discounted price anytime and can get your hands on your dream print or type.

7. Soul mates:

Soul mates are brand representatives of Soul who are available in most of the social media platforms, they can tell you their real experiences with how they found soul carriers, giveaways and even discount coupons for the website.

8. Soul social media:

Soul also has the best deals going on for its followers on the various social media. It’s quite hard to miss their sale and giveaways. All that you need to do is find and follow them on the various social media.

9. Website:

Soul website is probably the most hassle free website you can find. No mom has the time to shuffle through the trouble of various search options. So Soul has made it super easy to search, check for description and buy the carrier you love.

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