Life is full of surprises

Well, haven’t you ever felt that?

When you expect something to happen, it may not always end up the way you wanted it to be. Which may be a good thing or a good thing disguised as a bad thing.

Yes, I am one of the people who believe that everything bad thing happens for a reason. Even something small like forgetting to take the house key and climbing 3 floors up to get it only to notice that I had also forgotten my wallet. (Happened too many times, you know?)

Now, what does that have to do with giving up?

I somehow made up my mind to think that I didn’t need help with anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving orders around to my mom, sister, cousins and the Hero of my life (Yes yes my husband) and am sure Tigger (my son) will also be made to do a lot of running around in the name of helping his mom.

But, you see, these are for menial tasks like, please get me that bottle of water, don’t do it this way, just go and do this instead of that. Such things. But when it comes to asking for help, especially with taking care of my almost 7-month-old son, I absolutely, honestly, fail at it. And the only reason for it, as I have come to understand, is because of my EGO! Surprise… Now how can ego be a bad thing to me? Well read on…

Every time I found myself physically tired of caring for the baby since he was born, I just couldn’t work up the mindset to ask my mom for help. And if she did it herself, I would plainly refuse her help in the pretext of wanting to get to know the baby better.

When the physical exhaustion was becoming easier to ignore, the sleepless nights started playing with my mind and making me a momster (Yes, that should by now be a legit word!) I started overreacting, over analysing and all other over adjectives that are never good for a mom’s brain. But, I was still refusing help. And did I stop there? No. I started blaming everyone else for who I was becoming.

It wasn’t until recently, that I realized why I was refusing any help. I just had this huge Ego about being a self-sufficient person. I wanted the world to applaud me for doing it all on my own. If not the whole actual world, I at least wanted some sort of exclamatory sentences from relatives, friends and colleagues. And I got them aplenty. But was it worth it all? Not one bit after a few days. So, why even bother acting all high and mighty and refusing help. Yes, I finally realized I was just being pretentious and that I must give up my EGO and ask for help.

Now, if I hadn’t been refusing help, do you think I would have realised how big my Ego was? Or that it’s important to self reflect once in a while to know what kind of human being we are becoming. Especially when there is a tiny human to influence right.

EGO – Skip the E and let it GO!

Well, I did start asking for help, but did I receive it? Now, that is a topic for another blog post another time,

So, DO YOU DARE TO REALIZE AND LET GO OF YOUR EGO? Drop in your comments so we can have a discussion about it. Afterall, mommying is easy when you talk about stuff, right?

This post is my entry for the Dare-a-thon, hosted by the Momsteins Prisha, Charu and Preetjyot.

Thanks to Disha from Life, my way for introducing me in her blog. Disha is an IT professional and a wanderlust by nature. Travelling and reading give her the kind of peace that we all look for.

And now let’s head to meet Yogita from Directing My Dreams. Yogita Amit Joshi is a Passionate Writer, poet, and believes in expressing words from heart compositions to genuine reviews. Head to her blog to read her post for Darea-a-thon.

11 thoughts on “DARE TO GIVE UP

  1. Ah! The age old problem of moms! I think there are two categories, one who relies on only help, and do nothing, and the other, whoso not ask for any help at all! But, the balance lies in between…. We all have gone through this stage. So relatable!

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  2. I can so relate to your post. I had been pondering over this from the last few days and realised the same. Maybe I still can’t dare to give up my ego and ask for help from my MIL because as u said, I want to show it to world that I can manage everything on my own.. But you know everything related to MILs take time so I am trying to work upon this.. Reading your post I was saying to myself again and again, “That’s me too”

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  3. Its a big step to let go off ego in any situation in life. My kid is the same age as yours and I ask for help whenver needed. But then I feel people will judge me for asking help too much. Well, we can never be happy with the way we are. 🙂

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  4. I would like to believe that I do dare to let go of my ego and have had let gone in the past but at the same time, there have been situations where the monster has been just too big for me to be able to conquer ! Kudos to you

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  5. What a heartfelt post. You took me down the memory lane. But you know what its wasn’t ego that you had that stopped you from taking help… Ego is too harsh a word to use for the mother in you.. I feel its just what almost all of us go through… We just want to be the best for our child and secretly wish the credit to be given to us ;).. One needs lots of courage to come up and speak openly about this.. Kudos to you

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  6. Well, I must applaud your bravery for open heartedly accepting this. Also, I don’t think that’s ego. Somewhere all of us want to be that great mom who has it all but better late than never, isn’t it!

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