Srija was screaming at her friend Shakthi. Shakthi was furious too. But their anger was not at each other. Let’s dive right into the conversation to know more.
Sriji: Why do these men make us feel like we are not capable of anything. Don’t they remember how successful we were in college or at the office? And now after marriage, we actually manage a house, kid or kids, cook, teach kids, play with them, make sure they don’t miss a parent and overcompensate for the ‘always-at-work-father’ and keep the house clean. We do all this and work. And they still expect us to excel at everything like we have no other worry
Shakthi: I know right? All they say is ‘am working’ and we stop discussing things with them, stop the kid from distracting them, give them food and water and whatnot while they put their heads into the computer
Srija: Yes and do they ever notice it? What’s the point of keeping a sparkly clean house when you aren’t even appreciated for it or when you bend ur back and get it that way to realize you don’t even have 5 minutes for yourself
Shakthi: Exactly. I mean, Aren’t we are partners in a marriage, if one guy cannot pitch in, the lady can compensate a few times but not always. I think it’s all in our upbringing.
Srija: So true. We just assume it’s our work and do everything. When we ask the guy to do it and he doesn’t, we just frown or get upset but we take it into our never-ending list of things to do. We just need to let them bear the consequences of their shortcomings a few times. If their car or laptop is messy, they will clean it themselves. Why not the house that they stay in?
Shakthi: This is just typical. But you know what? This isn’t worth our energy babe. Let’s just forget about how incapable they are. Why don’t we go for some quality ‘Me Time’. I’ll book a pedicure at our favourite salon and let’s catch up in person. Am sure you will feel much better… 3:30 works for you?

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On and on went this conversation between the two friends. In the messages of various social media, WhatsApp, and in person. Well, after having read this, do you think these two are friends from childhood. No, they aren’t! They didn’t even know each other for more than 6months. They are both moms who met online and had a chat about their same-aged kiddos. But they found in each other, a friend who could be trusted well enough to share their every day bickerings. Through this, they found life and adulting, much more tolerable.

From talking about their babies’ poop to vaccines, from ‘BLW’ (baby led weaning) to ‘WCW’ (woman crush Wednesdays), from #momlife to #iwasnotreadyda, from ‘why would she do that?’ to ‘thanks buddy, you are the sweetest’ they just connected, like Monika and Rachel (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S), like Jane and Lina (from Jane The Virgin) and like SA and Bhargav (from Aravind SA)

And as they spoke and spoke and spoke, they just knew that no matter how old you are when you make a friend, it just makes life easier.

I am super thankful to some such beautiful moms I met on Insta, FB and the Blogging world. Learnt many a lesson from those who were mercilessly themselves and felt super loved by those few who made sure I was ok. Life is indeed a blessing when you stop staring at your problems and start counting your blessings.


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