Songs of Summer

There are some songs that just ring a bell with you. You may hear it for the first time but the way it strikes a cord, you would rush home to google that song and connect mor with it. This may not be for everyone, but that’s me and this post is about all he lovely summery songs I love.

1. Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams – Reckless 1984):

All that I ever heard from this song when I first heard it was ‘Those were the best days of my life’. And it immediately got stuck to my mind on repeat mode. Love how it is so relatable after these many years

Ain’t no use in complainin’
When you’ve got a job to do
Spent my evenings down at the drive-in
And that’s when I met you, yeah

2. Sun is shining (Bob Marley – Kaya 1978):

I remember hearing the remix version by someone else and going back to search to find this gem by Bob Marley. The song has so many layers to it that I get different perspective depending on how I feel when I listen to it.

When the morning gathers the rainbow. Want you to know I’m a rainbow too.

3. California Gurls (Katy Perry – Teenage Dream 2010):

California – the sun, the beach and the sun kissed people. Love how it makes you what to be there in California as you hear the song

California girls
We’re undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West coast represent
Now put your hands up
Ooh oh ooh
Ooh oh ooh

4. Columbus Columbus (Jeans 1998):

This is a song from the movie Jeans. A R Rahman, the genius who makes songs that are hard to not sing along with. Just love the catchy peppy feel that it has. Summer time = vacations cannot be depicted more clearly than this song.

Sani nyaayar kaadhil sonnadhu ennadhu… Machine ellaam manidhargallaaga solludhu

5. Something something (Anjali 1990):

Another movie song from Anjali this time. As kids, I just absolutely loved how they had portrayed the life, thoughts and feelings of a child so well in the movie and this song is a holiday-at-home-bored kind of song perfect for summer.

CID Velaithaan Engal Velai Engal Velai
CBI Moolaithaan Engal Moolai Engal Moolai
Vambellaam Ondrellaam Santhellaam Bonthellam Engal Saalai
Sattangal Thataathu Engal Kaalai

6. Hey Goodbye Nanba(Hey Khuda Hafiz – Ayudha Ezhuthu / Yuva 2004):

That beach, Trisha and Sid in Tamil, the summer sun – the song just makes u what to hit the beach.

Kalla Vizhigalil Kankothi Chenraaya
Kanna Kuzhigalil Uyir Moodi Vaithaayae
Pinbu Yaaro Pol Thalli Nindraai
Natpu Uravillai Yendraai

The list is never ending, but these are some absolute favourites of mine. The Tamil songs also came out in hindi as well. So, why don’t you google any of these songs and listen to them now. And then let me know if you got a summery feeling or not, in the comments down below.

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31 thoughts on “Songs of Summer

  1. Few songs, the beats have that charm that make us to Google it. Indian cinema knows how to build a connection with the audience through songs..:-)

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  2. This is so nostalgic. All of these songs evoke fond memories from the olden days. Thanks for the reminder. There were days when Summer of 69 would play on the loop nonstop. I also love “seasons in the sun” by Terry Jacks.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Such a unique topic to talk about. All I need is some barbecue in the garden and some lovely summer songs. Summer of 69 took me back to some old says..nostalgic moments really!

    Liked by 2 people

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