Victim? Prey? Survivor?


The white bird has caught its prey!

Questions to the fish:

1. Did you fight with your friends and family that morning and leave angrily without saying bye?

2. Did you get the intuition that someone is waiting to end your day?

3. Did it hurt more or were you more shocked when you realized that you’ve been caught?

4. Did you plan your family’s future?

5. Do you think you are going to heaven, hell or do you have to go through the cycle of being born again?


Questions to the brid:

1. Did you fight with your friends and family that morning and leave with a determined spirit to prove your worth?

2. Did you get the intuition that the fish will fall prey?

3. Did it hurt more or were you more shocked when the fish tried to fight for his life in your mouth?

4. Did you plan to eat it by yourself or share it with your family or friends?

5. Do you think you are going to be satisfied with that one fish or do you have to go through the cycle of catching a fish again?


Questions to the reader:

1. Did you fight with your friends and family recently and leave them with a thought to break or fix the relationship?

2. Did you get the feeling that your life is slipping out of your hands or that its going strong in the way you want it to go?

3. Did it hurt more or were you more shocked when you realized that you’ve been hurt by or that you have hurt someone important?

4. Did you plan your future or your family’s?

5. Do you think you are going to die satisfied with or scared of the deeds you have done during this birth?


Do you feel sorry for the fish?
Do you feel the bird is being cruel??

The bird that seems cruel is not committing any sin by catching its prey. Its just finding its way of survival.
The fish that seems innocent may have actually been a bad fish its whole life and is probably being punished finally.
The water there, stands witness to the event without any judgement.
When one of the five elements that form the basis of life, has no judgement to the event, why would you feel any greater to judge the bird or the fish?

The water is not silent though. It clearly reflects the happening on its surface to the bird and to the fish.
The fish may look at the reflection and recall all the bad moments of its life or all the great memories it had.
The bird may look at its reflection and see the pain that the fish suffers or the prize for its skill in its own beak.

Water reflects image only when its clear.
So the reflection is not seen either by the fish or the bird, who are both at the place where this happens.
But, the reflection is seen a little away from the ripples, where the event happening has still not affected the surface of the water.

That is where we see the reflection.
But instead of seeing our image, we see the reflection of the bird and the fish.
Does this refer to the nature of a human, where instead of looking into himself to find his right vs wrong, he finds it more interesting to look at others and assume their plight or situation and talk about it.
Or does this refer to the nature of a human to look out upon others and find a way or meaning to his life, or simply learn something new?

What if the fish poisons the bird from within and avenges its own death?
What does this lead to? Two deaths instead of one? So? What changes because of that? Are the other birds taught a silent lesson?

What if the bird drops the fish after a sudden flash of self enlightenment?
What if it was still too late and the fish dies before falling back into the water? Will the bird hold the guilt forever in its mind and soul? Will the dead fish poison the water instead, and thereby kill a lot more living things in the water?

What if the photographer was deeply affected by this picture and he stopped eating fish that he once loved eating? Does that mean, the population of fish will not decrease, thereby leading to more fish for the various birds that survive on them? Or will the fish become too much in number and form an army against its predators?

Not always does the bird end up eating the fish.

Sometimes, its the vice-versa that happens.

What does the balance and food chain mean? What is its necessity? Why should there be a balance? Why can’t everyone be a vegetarian and live happily with a lot more chicken, fish, prawn, lobster, mutton, beef, pork or crab in the world? Wont world be a happier place?

Here’s a link for the people who believe in the above questions:

Click Here

If there are so many things that would happened with a small imbalance for 5 seconds?
What will happen if the food pyramid is not maintained? You can be willing to commit suicide or murder. But, we continue to be non-vegetarians as a sacrifice to help you live in this world the way you have been living till date.

You do not need to thank us, but can stop judging us for what we assume are our good deeds.

Don’t call us the bird! Don’t act like fish!


This post is part of Team One’s (#jamss2018) submissions for #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League hosted by Dipika Singh of Gleefulblogger & Ruchie Verma of Wigglingpen in association with SummerBarn, Vedantika Herbals, Nyassa, Explore Kids World.”

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10 thoughts on “Victim? Prey? Survivor?

  1. OH, MY GOD !! That was one good read. Was smiling the entire time. How perfectly you analysed and explained the photo. How one can even think of such things. Simple yet we ignore them. Thanks for the reminder.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well balanced views and thought provoking post. Some times the situations force us to be a fish and some times the bird. Its finally the survival instincts that make us behave this way or the other. To rise above the situation, however, we need a balanced approach in life.
    Well said.
    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The writing is beautiful. It stopped being correct when the choice of eating meat became a sacrifice. It is not meat eating humans who are maintaining the food pyramid. The food pyramid, ecology, climate change is super skewed due to the meat and fish production. Humans at the current evolutionary state do not require prey as food. Watch earthlings before you call vegetarians fish.

    Liked by 1 person

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