Soul sling – Full Buckle – Tigger Reviews

I have been wearing Tigger in a carrier since he was 6weeks old. My first ever carrier was Soul AnoonA. Before AnoonA, new born babies would have to be carried in a wrap or a sling as such. If a soft structured carrier was to be used for a baby, then either a baby insert was needed or the baby had to weigh more than 7kg.

So once Tigger hit the 7kg mark, I immediately wanted to try out a full buckle. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait too long as Soul brought a full buckle in one of its TCPs (Travelling Carrier Program)

A TCP is a boon to young parents who want to try out a carrier for free before deciding to buy it. A parent gets to try the carrier for at least a week and that gives one enough time to judge if the carrier would be a right fit for them. And I got to host the beautiful new release – Riva



  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to transfer baby
  • Very light weight
  • Great for long carries
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Balances weight equally
  • Can be rolled and stored in a standard size diaper bag
  • Ergonomic
  • Camera friendly
  • Sleep machine


  • Will not fit a baby with short stubby legs as the baby’s knee to knee support will be wider and can’t be adjusted
  • One size carrier so not much adjustable for a growing baby like an AnoonA

The FB was a great option for us at 6months. Am sure Tigger would not hav fit that we’ll if I had tried it a little earlier.

The Colors just make you want to head out for a few selfies. The carrier was so easy to put on with minimal getting used to and not much adjustments were needed.

Would recommend to a 5+ month old baby

All opinions share in this blog post are my own and not influenced or sponsored by Soul.


This post is part of Team One’s (#jamss2018) submissions for #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League hosted by Dipika Singh of Gleefulblogger & Ruchie Verma of Wigglingpen in association with SummerBarn, Vedantika Herbals, Nyassa, Explore Kids World.”

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19 thoughts on “Soul sling – Full Buckle – Tigger Reviews

  1. Loved the honesty in the review. Baby wearing has been around since ancient times but these carriers have only made it more acceptable and easy on parents. Idk much about baby wearing but I do use a carrier whenever I head out that ensures that my baby stays protected and closer to my heart.

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  2. I purchased one but neither of us is comfortable with that. But yes, it definitely is very helpful. That is a real honest review.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week4

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  3. Baby wearing made my life so much easier when my son was little. It was a realistic approach to sort out so many mum issues like dealing with crying baby and work. Baby always feel comforted when kept near mum and baby wearing promotes that. It becomes easier to carry on most activities while wearing baby.


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