Air purifier – Vayu Natural – Tigger reviews

Vayu Natural – Air Purifier Bag is a product from BreatheFresh. BreatheFresh js a company that offers simple yet powerful, affordable and natural solutions to eradicate Indoor Air Pollution.

It has 3 layers of absorbing material holding the activated charcoal. The 3 layers give the bag 3x the odour removing quality. It can easily be recharged by placing it under sunlight and this way it can last up to 2 years. This is what I knew when I received it.

Once, I received it, I was very excited to try it out immediately. Reason being – cloth diapers. I am a cloth diapering mom and one aspect of cloth diapers is storing the soiled cloth diapers till wash time.

Cloth diapers are nothing but improvised langots, so unless washed, they have a distinctive smell that they let out even after rinsed once. I stay in the terrace room and so, I cannot keep them out in the terrace. I keep them in a bag and in the morning the whole room has the same smell.

I have tried many room fresheners so far but nothing was up to my satisfaction. This was the reason of my excitement. Once I opened the Vayu bag, I promptly hung it in one of the rods in the same room.

It didn’t seem much different immediately like spraying any room freshener. I was a little apprehensive whether it would do its job but am happy that the little bag proved me wrong.

The next morning, I woke up as usual and entered the room to put the cloth diapers in the washing machine for a initial quick wash cycle before I add the other clothes. When I entered the room, the stench would wake me up if I was still sleepy. But I didn’t get any stench that day. In fact, I didn’t realize it for a while. I did what I went to the room for and got back to the bed and slept.

I then woke up with a sudden bolt of realization. There was no stench. I went back to the room and tried to sniff for the stench. I was so excited to not be able to smell it. I immediately woke up my poor sleeping husband in excitement. He, after complaining for 20 secs, also had a smile on his face as if to say thank you for getting rid of the stench.

It isn’t a horrible, unliveable situation, but just a small discomfort for us. We could continue ignoring it and carry on. But the concern we had was different. It was for Tigger’s health. My little 9month baby, may have gotten infection or any other issue due to this and we felt happy that we now have a solution to the problem.

The Vayu Bag from Breathefresh can be placed in the following locations

  1. Inside fridge to avoid food smell.
  2. In a freshly painted room.
  3. Around the baby cradle to absorb any chemical smell from mosquito repellents inside a bed room.
  4. Wet or Smelly Washroom / Toilets. Even the stuffy humidity has no chance against the Vayu Bag.
  5. Lockers or storage cupboards with electronics or any equipment which can be damaged due to any moisture.
  6. In the clothes cupboard to keep the cloth crisp and fresh.
  7. Inside the car to always have a fresh smelling car.
  8. Suitcases or travel bags.

These Air Bags are made entirely in India and are very safe even for kids and pets. They are non toxic and BPA free. They are the best option available in the Indian market for Indian homes.

BreatheFresh also offers other Air Pollution Control Solutions like natural Air Purifier with Anti-Bacterial essential oil, Air Purifying Plants and more. Their goal is to make homes better smelling and clean from within but in a natural way. You can buy your Vayu Natural bag from Amazon or from Breathefresh website.

BreatheFresh sent the Vayu Natural Air Purifier Bag for my review. All the opinions in this post and entirely mine and an honest attempt at the review of this product. The brand did not influence me in any way.

14 thoughts on “Air purifier – Vayu Natural – Tigger reviews

  1. I heard great things about this air purifier. The best thing is it’s environment friendly and doesn’t require electricity to operate. In India, you can’t expect electricity 24×7 so air purifier like this is a fab idea x

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  2. wow that’s an amazing product.. honestly when I saw the picture I wasn’t that impressed but when I read about your experience and its effectiveness, I want to try it out like NOW, lets see when I gets my hands on it

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  3. This natural purifier is really essential for today’s polluted indoors. It is also quite easy to place it anywhere in our house to breathe fresh air.

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  4. I have been reading about this a lot and also, I think its an essential with kids in the house. I stay in Bangalore where pollution is pathetic to be true.

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