Friendship beyond a decade

Certain relationships last for a lifetime. I read on that there are several stages for each friendship. Starting from contact, involvement, intimacy, it goes stage by stage on how we perceive and react to the friendship. Wanting someone to hang out with when bored and needing someone to be there to share everyday happiness and difficulties, these are just 2 of the many stages. When Friendship lasts for more than a decade, there are a few unavoidable situations that the friendship witnesses. These may not just be plain black (bad) and white (good) situations but a hue of many shades of grey (good and bad).

I have had both good and bad luck with friendship. I did lose a few friends that I wanted to continue to be in touch with. But, I also am in really good stage of friendship with a few who I thought, I will never hang out with again. This is simply because, people change. Both me and my friends went through a decade of life’s blessings and misfortunes which we shared with each other and somehow, our friendship lasted through it all.

Every good relationship needs a few sacrifices, sometimes, a romantic relationship calls for a sacrifice of a friendship and at a few rare times, it happens vice versa. This is not just due to insecure feelings in that relationship be it romantic or friendship. But, there may be reasons which we are blind to, due to the intimacy.

Through a decade (and more), our friendship has gone through a lot of beautiful memories, fun filled hang outs, non stop talking sessions, sleepovers, trips to holiday destinations, mean and nasty fights and arguments, FOMO (fear of missing out), making new friendship and ignoring old ones, reconciling with a hug, marriage plans with friends who become bridesmaids, complaining about the married life and sharing tips to survive parenthood.

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There is also another beautiful silver lining to a friendship lasting over a decade – families becoming our own. I know for a fact, that I can randomly call up my friend’s mom or walk up to their house to meet her mom and we would end up spending a solid hour or two over some snacks and chit chat. That is the kind of a rapport I share with my friends’ moms. And when I got married, all of these moms came to see me become a bride. Brothers and sisters of friends become our siblings as well. When you need any help, you don’t think twice to call up your friend’s brother for a quick help me out.

When I am really high with happiness, or low with life problems, I know that my friend will be ready to wake up and sneak away from her sleeping husband and child for a 3 AM chat just because, she is my friend for life (not just a decade)

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How much do you value friendship in life? Is there a special friend you want to pass on your friendship day wishes to? Do take a few moments and comment below to share your friendship day message with us.

This post is part of the Friendship Day Blog Train, hosted by Flavors of World and Through My Pink Window. They have brought together 20 bloggers to share their stories about friendship and what it means to each one of us. Do check out the other posts on the beautiful bond of friendship.

I’d like to thank Ghazala Naseem from India Beauty Bloom for a lovely introduction she gave me on her post. Do check out her post to read her entry for the blog train.

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19 thoughts on “Friendship beyond a decade

  1. What a lovely definition to phases and twists & turns in friendship 🙂
    I’ve had ups and downs with friends and always wanted to stay with few but could never connect and ended up making some unknown besties. Like you said too I’m a happy person today sharing secrets with besties and husband 🙂

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  2. True friends are hard to find and once they are in life …you are blessed and I feel and as said 7 years+ friendship is more than a family…I am blessed to have such friends in life….

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  3. Friend plays imp role in my life always. I get extreme happiness when they spend time with me. I am blessed with good number of friends who actually define well the meaning of friendship.

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  4. This is such a beautiful post about Friendship day and sharing about your close friends…your bond and memories. I miss my friends so much specially the ones with whom I spent so much time. It’s difficult to connect when we live abroad as whenever we come to India, relatives and close family takes all the time.

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  5. Beautiful post Sinduja expressing your feeling on friendship. And, I also had few people whom I thought I would stay friends with, but are now nowhere seen. But, then few unexpected ones are lifelong friends.

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