Freedom and Generation Alpha

Kids born now belong to the Generation Alpha and to them freedom that folks from our grandparents’ generation fought for is going to be hard to explain to.These kids are going to grow up with a mix of sustainable living amidst the various gadgets and gizmos they have around them.These kids have witnessed the cloth diapers take over disposable ones. They have known that moms can baby wear them while dancing to Guleba and Jing jing jingaat. They have that their parents teach them the importance of screen free time while finding it hard to lose the gadgets themselves.

A generation that has grown up with high chair, strollers, car seats, organic food and diy at homes; how does one explain the importance of fighting for a freedom. These kids would have seen it all and yes them too. Their parents raised them with the help of advanced technology from food processor to diaper genies. Well I believe it is not an impossible ordeal. In fact it may be quite an easy task for moms and dads of these generation alpha kids. But how?

Well I think so. Because, these kids have seen their moms stand up against abuse of all kind. They have seen their dads figure out what the government really does behind the facade. They have seen their uncles fight for their rights to express their minds. They have seen their aunts tweet out against haters and the naïve public. They have seen grandmas want to take a vacation instead of being stuck at home baby sitting. They have seen their grandpas explain about how everyone should stand together during natural disasters. But what about the kids without all these relatives, well moms and dads have a tonne of online support and these kids know that there can be some good things and some really wonderful people they can befriend online and their family can pass this wisdom on to these kids.

These kids will know how to stand up for what they want. They will know how to fight for a fellow living being – human or any other kind. They will know how to earn respect and give the same to those deserving instead of just due to age or any such invalid criteria. They will know how to protect love in any form and time. They will do their research and push the limits that still exist these days. They will know the value of Money and the risks of being an entitled kid too but all these are solely dependant on how our generation raises these kids.

And it will be our pleasure watching these kids do it all, by themselves. Achieve what we dream now, but without any pressure to excel. No matter how much they invite change and shuffle the way things work in this huge world we all live in, here is hoping that they will shower oodles of care and love to everyone around them and remain positive individuals who use both their hearts and brains to achieve their own freedom.

This post is written as part of “Freedom Blog Train hosted by Sneha from Blogsika and Judy from Theotherbraininc

My thanks to Rashmi from Ajisthsmomstyle, for the beautiful introduction she gave me in her post. She is a teacher by profession and blogger by passion. Check out her posts on daily life and parenting style in her blog.

Now, let us both head to meet Itika Singh, a fashion and beauty blogger based in India, pursuing her master’s in Material Science (Applied Physics) and blogging her way into the world of fashion. Her Blog is the result of her thirst for experimenting with clothing and to inspire people to inculcate the habit of dressing up. She is a firm believer that fashion is affordable.

6 thoughts on “Freedom and Generation Alpha

  1. At first, I was about to skip reading this blog as I was expecting the negatives. It seems that the negatives go hand in hand with this new generation. But am glad I read your post. It completely changed my perspective. Your post is filled with positivity and hope. Yes, Gen alpha will know it all. Loved it!

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  2. Good to read your perspective on freedom and generation alpha. These kids have seeing all even in modern nuclear families . They know how to take a stand and fight for their right and I’m sure they won’t disappoint. Great post Sinduja X

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  3. You have wonderfully described the present and also the future perspective. I believe freedom is something that every generation and even individual can define..

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