Nasal Drops For Infants

Tigger was prescribed vitamin supplements, zinc supplement and a nasal drop when we went back to our first doctor’s visit for him. I was always doubtful as to why the docs kept asking me to use nasal drops when he was fine. On one such doctor’s visit, I asked the doctor the same question

Why does a baby need nasal drops?

Kids, especially infants, are prone to get frequent common cold, runny and blocked nose. Nasal congestion in infants make it very difficult for them to sleep well. Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops is one among the various nasal drops available in the market for infants under 1 year of age.

Tigger had this nasal drop on and off a few times till a few weeks back when he had a bad cold and found it hard to sleep well. He has mostly been a good sleeper at night (Thank my lucky stars) but when he struggled to breathe and woke up one too many times with a blocked nose, I found it hard to see him suffer. I realized that every time he nursed, he felt a tad better but it was not possible for either of us to continue nursing all through the night. And that is why Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops was a boon to me.

Nasal drop is a simple saline water solution
They just worked like magic within a few minutes of cuddling and trying to soothe him. The Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops unclogged his nostrils. Each ml of Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops contains:
● 0.01 mg Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution
● 0.3 mg Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 50% IP (as preservative)

Why Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops?

The Nasivion®Baby Nose Drops were formulated considering the highly sensitive baby’s nasal passage.

Sleep is a vital activity needed to revive the child’s energy and help in brain development. But with a blocked nose, sleep is quite a struggle. Tigger used to be cranky when he is not well rested and am pretty sure he isn’t the only baby that gets cranky due to sleep deprivation or fusses over during mealtime.

Also, an adult can very well use their mouth for breathing when they have a blocked nose but babies are obligate nose breathers. This means that a baby can only breathe through its nose for the first few months. And a congestion during these first few months need expert care and that is why Nasal drops are the ideal choice.

A baby that breathes well rested well. A well-rested baby is active and cheerful. And an active and cheerful baby means a Happy Mom. Happy Nose Happy Mom

So am thankful for the nasal drops. I would recommend that any parent must definitely consult your paediatrician before using any product.

Please check the Nasivion Website for more details and the right dosage.

12 thoughts on “Nasal Drops For Infants

  1. I am using navision when my baby was of 3month and he turn 2year now now using toddler navision


  2. I am a sinusitis patient and till today I feel breathlessness during nose blockages. I can just feel how kids and infants must be suffering in a similar situation. Thank god Nasivion is there


  3. My daughter has been suffering from blocked nose since birth. On doctor’s advice we doscontinued with feeding bottle once she turned 1. Although the situation improved it did not stop. Now I know what to do. Thanks for this insightful post.


  4. I will ask my sister to buy this brand and send it to me here in the UK. I do use nasal spray for my son’s nose and it’s kind of essential item in our first aid box. He has less immunity and gets unwell easily plus it’s cold most of the year here and kids get unwell while playing in the school garden or catch the virus from other kids .


  5. These drops are great to relive nasal. Congestion. Frequent nasal infections can affect with breathing especially so at night. Thank you for sharing


  6. Small babies are obligatory nose breathers and even a little congestion in the nose can make them super uneasy which in turn can hamper their sleeping and feeding sessions. Thanks for sharing this informative post!


  7. My daughter sometimes suffering from block nose and Nasivion is always there for her comfort zone …


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