Monsoon Smiles

For many of us, Monsoon is the season we look forward to for months. When you live in a place like Chennai, you are accustomed to having s summer for almost 10 months in a year. 2 months in between are for the other seasons – Spring, Autumn and Winter. Now winter is a luxury for us, so we have the monsoon. There are a million reasons for which a monsoon brings a smile to one’s face. Here is a list of a few out of the very many reasons why I love the monsoon.

person in black hoodie riding swing while raining

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The whole city gets a water wash:

The otherwise dusty roads and buildings, streets and statues, lanes and stores, abandoned cars and uncared for terraces all get a thorough water wash. The fine dust that settles on these places flows away with the trickling droplets of water that make everything better looking. The trees start looking so fresh and inviting to go stand under.

yellow concrete building near body of water

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The pakodas and bhajjis are thulped:

Moms, grandmas, uncles and dads – all start putting out yummy spicy and hot snacks on the table. Samosas, Baakarwadis, Bhel puris, Bhajjis, onion rings – anything fried in oil seems like the magnet that draws us to it. These snacks are then belted with some warm drinks while chattering way to glory on all things under the rains. Home delivery folks are zipping and zapping away across the streets delivering hot chaat, smoking tandoori and spicy oily and tempting Chinese starters.

food onion rings plate snack

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The not so funny folks get funny:

Monsoon chit chat makes everyone show off their talents. Old uncles start with the uncle jokes and dad jokes cannot be too far behind the race as well. Jokes that aren’t that funny do seem a little laughable when heard during the monsoon. Here is one I heard today :

Guy1: Dude, the slippers get so dirty in the monsoon. Why don’t they have a solution for that?

Guy2: There already is a solution Machaan, Just don’t wear your slippers the next time you walk on the muddy slippery streets.

photo of a man in white buttoned up top

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The whole energy of a person is altered:

A generally fit person starts eating oily bread bhajjis. A yoga master curls up with a book and a blanket. A usually lazy girl finds her long lost love to start writing again. A dad puts his phone away to order some biryani for the family who seems to make him smile more that day. A gamer …. well, he shall always remain a gamer with selective deafness.

photo of a toast

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The best ever season to have some chai (Tea):

Tea brings a smile from within and when it has a blend of cardamom and turmeric, it becomes the magic golden liquid. The potion that purifies you from within. All of us have stress built up within ourselves that needs to be detoxed. The perfect solution for this is a detox tea. I would recommend the Cardamom Turmeric Tea from the Wellness Tea Infusion range of the brand TE-A-ME. It contains Ginger, black pepper, lemon, cinnamon and the two key ingredients – cardamom and turmeric. Click here to check out the other properties of the tea and to buy it for yourself.

TE-A-ME Image

I would like to thank Sayeri from Sayeri Diary and Jhilmil from Mommy In Me, for organizing this fun blog carnival with the monsoon theme. It sure brought out a lot of fun and beautiful memories that I had long forgotten. A huge thanks to TE-A-ME for sponsoring the carnival.

25 thoughts on “Monsoon Smiles

  1. Monsoons are lovely and most awaited season of the year. I remember how much rains mean to us in childhood. Today it’s more of a responsibility with kid and family but yes, enjoying it over hot pakora or green tea is best feeling ever.

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  2. I see how mood of a person gets uplifted if weather is good. I see that here as well. Good weather brings smiles to faces. I also enjoy pakodas and bhajjis during monsoon.

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