DIY for sensory development

Yup, it’s me and not a guest blogger. And yes, I have chosen to write on a DIY for this post. Me – the most laziest mom when it comes to doing it out my own. That being the case, are you wondering why this post from me?

Well, Tigger is almost 10 months old and there are a lot of things that he is currently bubbling to do. He wants to do many things suddenly and I had to do something to keep him occupied and safe at the same time. So, here are a few DIY that I started engaging him in:

Tugging box:

This is nothing but pull strings or lace or straw cleaner tied to a cardboard box. Simply make a few holes in a cardboard box (Amazon or first cry boxes are ideal) and tie these tuggable string in such a way that it hangs out from the box. Tigger has found it irresistible to ignore this box. He pulls and pulls till it tires him out

Take it out:

He loves taking all his cloth diapers and clothes out of the diaper bag and throws it away. So, I made this a game. Again, cardboard boxes can be used here too. Just dump a few objects into a box or a large utensil or a big bag and let the kid take the object out. Try and keep objects or different texture and sizes so he experiences a varied stimulus.

Hide in the pillow:

I hide Tigger’s teether inside the pillow case and he takes it out himself by lifting the pillow case with one hand and fishing out the teether with his other hand. You may use any toy or object instead of a teether. I use it only because, as soon as he takes it out, it goes immediately in his mouth.

Wheat crumbles:

Add a few drops of oil or ghee to wheat flour and it crumbles beautifully into a sand like texture. This is safe for babies who end up putting everything in their mouth.


Baby Led Weaning is the best DIY for any baby’s sensory development. From deseeded peeled grapes to apple cubes to carrot slices to balls of khichdi and daaliya; food has the most variety of textures that a baby can experience. Touching the food, pressing it between two tiny fingers and squeezing out the juice out of fruits and so many more things a baby can do to enjoy food.

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This blog post is a part of The DIY Blog Train hosted by Katerina, Anisha, Cheni and Danisha . A bunch of moms have united to share different DIYs that you can easily do to keep your little ones on their toes. So hop on to this train and bookmark these fun ideas.

Thanks to the coolest food artist cum blogger, Sonam Jain for the beautiful introduction she gave me on her blog. She creates funny, colourful and whimsical platters that tell a story.

Next post for the blog train is by Juhi, a news editor working in All India Radio, Lucknow. She is a freelance writer in hindi. Her blog has many interesting stories and posts on social issues. She is also a loving mother to her 1 year old baby girl Anvi.

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