‘Raksha’ Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is special to many people for many reasons. It is the day they display their love for their siblings. I use the word siblings rather loosely as the bond between a brother and sister is just one among the many forms of platonic relationships that are celebrated for the Raksha between the two. But here, I would like to talk about the complete strangers who offers raksha to us at some point. India is my country and all Indians are my brother’s and sisters. So why not celebrate Rakhi with our brothers and sisters who we ignored so far.

1. The watchman/ security at our homes and offices or public areas. They may be made fun of for sleeping during the day time but the honest real ones do really help us out during any trouble.

2. The colleague who stands up for her teammate who is usually made the target for any issues with meeting the deadline.

3. The driver who avoids a few sketchy lanes because the passenger is a lady who had to take a cab late at night.

4. The fellow mom who brings cookies apart from her salad bowl to the potluck lunches to cover up for your bad morning, without announcing that she did.

5. The neighbour who hardly talks to you, but stands up for you when you get into a loud argument with the grocery vendor who hits his wife.

6. The pest controller guy who does his job not just for money but does it honestly and regularly to ensure your family does not fall ill due to mosquito bites.

7. The government worker who makes an effort to display signs or block the road while manholes are being cleaned, so there wouldn’t be any accidents.

8. The office boy who ensures that you get your cup of milk when you seem down with a headache and ensures the printer is loaded with paper so you don’t find yourself in a fix when you rush to collect a print out before a meeting.

9. The valet who switches off the air conditioning in your car as he takes it for parking and runs to get the car because he does not want you to wait for a long time

10. The waiter who handles 5 tables on a busy day but finds the time to stand and make funny faces at your cranky baby to make him smile.

There are many such folks who do so much more just so we can carry on with our busy lives. And they are seldom given any appreciation or recognition for what they do day in and day out. Yes, I do agree that there are a few good nuts and a few bad nuts everywhere in all fields. But, isn’t rakshabandhan about celebrating the goodness in our siblings?

I would like to thank Sayeri from Sayeri Diary and Jhilmil from Mommy In Me, for organizing this fun blog carnival with an awesome bunch of fellow bloggers. I got to read some great posts and I urge you to check them out as well.

Thanks to Mrinal for the beautiful introduction she gave me in her blog. She is a bright and bubbly engineering student, pursuing ECE. Her blog is all about women, skincare and beauty! Do check out her posts to read her perspective on anything and everything.

Let me now introduce to you, Gurjeet Chhabra. She is a total kickass blogger who loves to try her hands on a lot of fun things. She blogs about D.I.Y, food and parenting. Do check out her blog filled with a lot of love and a tonne of information and add more happiness and creativity to your life with lot of love and information

13 thoughts on “‘Raksha’ Bandhan

  1. So glad I read this post. We have been so busy in our lives that we hardly notice the people around us. As much as we give importance to our relations, we should give as much importance and share love with these people too.

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