Tigger and his pink lace frock

Clothes maketh a person.

Clothes are probably the first thing a person notices about another even as they walk towards each other. Neat clothes, fitting just right, are just a pleasing sight to watch. Subtle shades or colourful hues, clothes speak a lot about a person.

Ever since I got pregnant I had a feeling that I was going to have a boy, but the Chinese calendar predicted a baby girl. Now, I know I cannot rely on the accuracy of it but it has been used from the time my mom got pregnant with my elder sister. She is now 33 years old and in all these years, there has not been one wrong prediction for any baby born till Tigger. Yes, it was finally proved wrong by my son. The doc who delivered him, asked me if I want a boy or a girl and when I said that I want a girl, she said ‘uhm… Maybe next time’. Yes it was a boy but I wasn’t bothered much or disappointed. I was only shocked by the statement that the doc gave. After 9months of nausea and vomits, 17 hours of labor trying to push out this little Tigger and finally giving up after the doc announced that his heart rate had dropped due to the stress, only to go under the knife to get him out safe, who would even think of doing it all over again

Now, it didn’t matter to me if he was a boy or a girl. I was determined to dress him up in all the frocks I had saved ever since 2000. My cousins were happy to give me their first few frocks that my aunt had saved up preciously. There were such cute and pretty frilled frocks. The lace patterns were so delicate and unique that there was quite a class that the frocks had. I was so obsessed with lace clothes as a kid. Lace is a very delicate fabric with open web like pattern that makes a dress even dressier. Elegant and feminine, it is mainly known as the fabric for special pieces. Chantilly lace and corded lace fabrics were very rare when I grew up. But now they are available in such pretty patterns.

The day I first dressed Tigger in a pink lace dress, I expected him to look like a pretty little girl and he absolutely didn’t. He looked exactly like a little boy dressed up in a pink frock. I did take a couple pictures that I wanted. This is probably a tradition in our family just like many families here in India. Dress up the boy in a girl’s dress and take a few pictures. Dress up a girl in a boy’s dress – well that isn’t something new, isn’t it? Because most girls these days do wear a pant and a t shirt. But a boy in a frock – it is an interesting act to watch. Frowning, making weird faces, wriggling around and even pooped his cloth diaper and ensured I took him out of the dress. But that didn’t stop me. I continued to dress him up in all the pretty clothes that I kept safe. I even dressed him up in all the funny costumes that I collected when I was pregnant. But if he was a girl, I don’t think these dress ups would have been an occasional thing. Well, I am all for gender neutral parenting but there is an obvious advantage to dressing up girls than the boys. Do you agree?

What is your favourite memory of a lace dress or any frock for that matter? Have you dressed up your son or nephew in a girl’s dress? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Tigger and his pink lace frock

  1. when my son was an infant I tried making him wear a lacy frock and he looked hilarious. But everytime i go shopping I so want to buy a girls dress because they are so cute. ANd for boys there’s almost nothing!

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  2. Every time I go shopping for my daughter, get fascinated to see beautiful dresses are so easily available today. Back then during our childhood days, such dresses ONLY called for special occasions. I remember getting one ‘look-a-like’ one-piece dress seeing a bollywood celebrity.
    You have covered the sentiment about the dressing and typecasting so well.

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  3. I remember when I was a little girl, there was a phase when I just wanted to wear beautiful lace frocks daily but I did’t have any. It was on my 10th birthday, I got my 1st layered lace dress as a birthday present from my mommy, I still remember every detail of that dress. Getting all nostalgic!

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  4. Lace is something which adds a special classy look to your attire. I prefer lace dresses while going for a party or for a wedding session as well. Blouse with lace design can be flaunted well with saree too.

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  5. Sinduja you made me re-live those memories. Gosh I also was so curious to know the gender and kept looking at Chinese calendars and so many calculations according to handy calendar etc. Anyways , I have a little boy and I also liked to dress him in frocks and little dresses when he was a baby. I agree Lace is so delicate and looks classy. I have even seen lace clothing for christening of babies here in England.

    My sister in law is obsessed with lace dresses for her baby girl . I just shared this post with her and she LOVED it too.

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