In Dependency

72 years of Independence in India. How many years does the Indian really feel independent?

Yes, by now, you would have guessed that this is going to be a blue / negative post. Talking about the negatives seems much easy but isn’t that what we have all been good at all these years? India has given me this and that says one group, whereas there are many groups that would immediately pop up and say, I still don’t have this and that. Yes, there are rich crorepatis (millionaires) in India who complaint about petty things that they do not have. There are many people below the poverty line, who hold their head up high and say that they are living a good life. But this post is not about all that. This post is about realizing if we are really an Independent bunch of citizens.

What does Independence mean?

Well, according to me, Independent man or woman is ze*, who can earn nir* own living, take care of nemself*, and express nir thoughts without any hesitation. Do, I hear you say, we already do have the freedom to do all this and more? Well, good for you. But, I would now like to ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you work for yourself or for someone else? Isn’t employment a polished word for bartering your skills for money and benefits? Are employees not bound by a set of rules and ethical codes to behave in a certain way? Beyond all this, are employees not frowned upon when they ask for their hard earned time off from work? If you do not agree to this, you must either work for yourself or be in one heck of a job. Please drop in a personal message and I would be glad if you could recommend me at work.
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  2. Do you do all your work? Not just taking a bath or dressing up and feeding yourself. Oh! Come on! You aren’t a cute little toddler anymore. You have to do all this on your own. But do you also do taxes? At least do you know how to? Do you find yourself struggling to pressure cook rice, or mop the house just because your house help needed a few days off (I say few days because, if it was for just a single day, I am sure none of us would bother cooking or cleaning). I know that we hire such people to help us. So, hold your horses before you come jumping at me saying you have those people only to make life easy. I agree. But if they aren’t available, would you still manage to get everything done for a month? If you can, then I think it is safe to assume that you are an Independent person.pexels-photo-921783.jpeg
  3. Are you married? If yes, then have you ever told your significant other about nir beer belly or about nir horrible cooking. How about that wet towel on the bed? Or that dent on the car door. How about emptying the milk carton and placing it back in the fridge. Do you bicker about all of this everyday or do you simply do it only say 60 – 80% of the time and ignore it a few times. Not just this, there are many more things in the list of things we just do not dare telling our significant other. Not because we are always afraid, but due to decency or due to the fact that they simply do not listen. Or simply because it isn’t that big of a deal. But there are a few things that we so badly wanted to tell or ask a few times and we simply didn’t, to avoid a big nasty argument. Isn’t this what we do with the government? Sitting idle, when we know that, if we dare to keep asking them to rule right, maybe, one day, THEY WILL! Freedom of speech and expression done right?
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  4. Here comes the main reason I thought of this topic. Are you not dependent on your significant other, you mother, father, brother, sister, your son, your friends, your neighbors, your acquaintances? For any reason whatsoever – are you not dependent on another fellow human being at all? Have none of them used this dependence to their favor ever? Then what really does Independence mean?
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Well, before you comment, let me tell you that this post was a light hearted take on how we perceive independence. So, go on and let me know what you really feel about this 72nd year of Independence (Yes yes 72 – even though 1947 – 2018 is 71 years. the first Independence day was not on Aug 15th 1948 but 47. So, by that calculation it is the 72nd year of Independence. Yes, I googled it)

*Please note the following are gender neutral words that shall replace traditional words:
Ze – Gender neutral word for he or she
Nir – His or Her
Nemself – Himself or Herself

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7 thoughts on “In Dependency

  1. It is really an eye opening post. It will push people to introspect first and then complain about the things which they haven’t got from this country. We easily blame ministers and politicians for underdevelopment but we don’t realize what we are doing for this country.

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  2. i agree with you. are we truly independent? I dont think so. I haven’t had a maid in two days and I’m going nuts. how can we truly call ourselves independent then

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