Shumee Activity Walker – Tigger Reviews


Toys are a part of every kid’s childhood. But most toys these days are made of plastic, that is not safe for our children, because they contain phthalates, PVC and bisphenol-A – some very harmful chemicals that lead to irreparable damages to a child’s health. They even contain lead, which when ingested, affects the child’s body and arrests growth and the child’s ability to learn. And these plastic toys only end up as landfills, leading to even bigger problems.


Shumee is an online brand started by Meeta, a mom who wanted to provide good quality toys for her child. Shumee is known for its sustainable, Eco-friendly and educational toys, designed after much research to ensure a child’s ever so curious brain is kept engaged and ready to learn more. They have very strict quality control standards for their timeless and sturdy wooden toys, which can be a great companion for a growing child and can also be kept safe for the next generation. (Value for money 😉 cha-ching). Their blog is a joy to read and it always leaves me with a smile.


I received the walker in a rectangular box and the thought of assembling it, made me so excited. Tigger sat next to me and was having a whale of a time with the cardboard box while I assembled the walker in 16 minutes. Yup, that was how easy it was. Here is a list of all that the walker has to offer a child:

  1. A walker with good gripped handle and cushioned rubber wheels.
  2. Clock toy
  3. Rattle like toy
  4. Xylophone
  5. Peep through glass
  6. Wooden sticks and slots for the same
  7. Push the beads
  8. Gears
  9. Storage bag at the back
  10. Shape maze on one side
  11. Fun groove and move on the other side

One walker and all this? Yes, in fact if you think from an unstructured play aspect. This walker offers even more than this, to keep the child engaged while enabling him to grow and learn.

The gears are his favourite as they turn either ways and have mesmerizing patterns that make him want to stare at them to understand what is going on. Great tool for curious babies and also gross motor skill practice.

Taking the xylophone sticks from their slots and putting them back; pushing the beads from one end to the other – one by one while counting 123, helps strengthen his fine motor skills, while learning numbers.

The rattle and the gears are good sensory toys and the clock keeps him engaged and helps little older kids learn the concept of time and about clocks.

Tigger even pushes the walker around with a few toys in the storage bag for his role as a pretend play ice cream man.

The ‘shape maze’ and ‘move the shape along the grove’ are a little advanced for him but are great for little older kids who are improving their fine motor skills. As of now, we use them to learn different shapes, colors and objects

The wheels are brightly colored and the fact that these colors are kid and environment safe makes me worry less and let him explore it more.

Tigger expresses so much joy is using the xylophone and music is always welcome as part of a kid’s learning, isn’t it?

That little peep through glass is helping him learn to seek people or objects through a hole 🙂

Absolutely love the quality of wood and am sure we will use the walker for many many years

And now, for the price – The walker is available on Amazon for around 3k. It is also available for a discount on the Shumee website right now.

Do feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the walker.

Thanks to Jhilmil and Sayeri for the awesome blog train ‘Monsoon Carnival’. I had won a gift voucher from Shumee and when I contacted them, they were happy to let me order the musical wooden activity walker to use and review here on my blog.

This post has my honest review about the walker and Shumee or no one else have influenced my opinions on the same.

10 thoughts on “Shumee Activity Walker – Tigger Reviews

  1. I’m so intrigued by this walker that I feel like playing with it myself. I;ll gift one of these to my nieces so that they can have fun and grow at the same time

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  2. This is such an amazing gift. Not only is it a walker, but it also doubles as an awesome Activity set ❤ Great idea for gifting too 🙂 Thanks for a detailed review!

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  3. This is such a lovely colorful walker. Loved the fact that apart from being used as a walker, it can also be used as an activity toy. Loved your review. We have also used a walker but it didn’t have all these activities. Wish we knew about it back then.

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