Mama Earth Toothpaste

Tigger woke up from his nap one day with the right side of his face looking a little bloated. It wasn’t too obvious at a glance but somehow I managed to spot it and when I was trying to figure out how or why it was that way, I noticed a pea size hard swelling behind his earlobe at the junction of the jaw and his neck. It was about the size of a dry chickpea and was really hard. I immediately called up my paediatrician and after a few questions he asked me not to worry and told me not to use any hot or cold compress and to bring him in for a checkup the following day.

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He didn’t seem to be in any discomfort. Nor did he have any high temperature. So, I kept sane through the night and the next day I went to see my paediatrician. in person. He checked Tigger and said it can either be a salivary gland inflammation or something else if it doesn’t reduce within a week or 10 days. My naturally inquisitive mind waited no longer to research salivary gland inflammation. The doc had also mentioned a gland called Parotid gland and I sincerely added it to my searches. Here is what all I found


A salivary gland infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects your salivary gland or duct. The infection can result from reduced saliva flow, which can be due to a blockage or inflammation of yoursalivary duct. The condition is called sialadenitis

Now, there were antibiotics given to help him get well soon, but the doctor also told me that it was time I started using a good kids’ toothpaste. He asked me to use a very tiny grain size paste and use it to clean his inner cheek, thus relieving the hardness. Well, that is how my search began for a good infant friendly kid toothpaste. I did ask around for recommendations from the always helpful mom community on Instagram and almost 70% of them asked me to try Mama earth.

Now, all I had experienced thus far was the wonderful bamboo wipes from Mama earth. It was of such high quality and so, I was quite happy to look into what is in the toothpaste. For starters, it contains no fluoride, no SLS, no phthalates and no petrochemicals (Are your eyebrows going up too as you read it? What do petrochemicals have to do with a toothpaste? Apparently, some other brands use them 😦 I was sad to know this too).


Ingredient Ingredient Type Where is it from How it helps
Water Natural Water Diluent
Hydrated Silica Natural Silicon Dioxide Whitener, Thickener
Glycerin Natural Vegetable Preserving Agent
Sorbitol Natural Corn Syrup Sweetening Agent, Humectant
Xylitol Natural Plants Prevents tooth decay
Aloe Barbadensis Natural Plants Controls Bacteria
Lauryl Glucoside Natural Coconut Oil Surfactant
Cellulose Gum Natural Coconut Oil Thickening Agent
Natural Strawberry Flavour Natural Fruit Flavour
Stevia Natural Plants Anti-bacterial

Early morning strawberry yumminess in his mouth, why would he refuse?

How wonderful is it to read an all natural ingredients list? Yes, this means I wouldn’t be worrying if more toothpaste ends up in Tigger’s tummy than in the sink. Expecting an infant to spit toothpaste is a little too much, isn’t it? If it was broccoli or sweet potato, he would’ve easily spit it out with no worries! (Insert rolling eyes smiley here as you read this). So, getting back to the toothpaste, it tastes so good 😉 and promises to easily remove plaque. It is thoughtfully formulated with high-quality ingredients like Xylitol, Aloe and Stevia. Xylitol, natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation. Aloe Vera Gel relieves sore gums when the new teeth come through.


It took around 2 weeks but he ended up getting used to his new oral a by the time he healed and now, we are a proud teeth-brushing-family.
Please consult a doctor or an expert before experimenting any home remedy with your child. Everyday use products can be recommended, but tablets and medicines should always be given only if instructed by a licensed expert.

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