Siblings and their dependability

I was watching an episode from Gilmore Girls and somehow a few incidents from my memories flashed through my mind. It was more like a series of short videos and there was one common relationship in all those stories. But, for some reason, this relationship did not get its due and that somehow seemed unfair to me suddenly.

Maybe, this is because I have been reading some beautiful posts for #SiblingStories. It is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. Follow Ila for some amazing posts on her blog and on her socials. Thirty awesome bloggers have put their beautoful thoughts and memories together for this Blog train and it has been wonderful reading each one of them.

Special thanks to Sabeeka from Momsmethods for the beautiful introduction she gave me and this blog on her post. The ever helpful mom of two darling little ones sure has a lot of interesting posts up her blog but do check out her entry for the blog train as well.

Now, let’s get back to my flashbacks or the ‘Reels of my life’ as I would like to call it. Let’s go by each scenario one by one.

Scenario 1

My son meets my nephew recently. They have met twice so far but now the only difference is that my son realizes that he meets his brother after a few months. I see him hugging his brother. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise but for me it was. Because, my son doesn’t like it much to be hugged even by me. Also, he is not even one year old yet and at that small age, wanting to hug his brother just made me feel so beautiful about the bond of siblings.

Scenario 2

My aunt was explaining to my husband about her sister who is a little mentally challenged. She was explaining how difficult hints used to be back in 80s when they had to travel in buses and how some men and women stared at my aunt as she struggled to do things normally and how that used to make my other aunt so furious that she would make sure they turn their eyes away by staring angrily back as she plotted their end in her mind. Well, she did what she could but the thought of getting this angry at those who just gave her sister a demeaning glance is enough to show the love she has on her sister.

Scenario 3

My mom and her brother were not that close when I was young, or maybe I don’t remember it much. But, as I grew up, my father passed away and we were rather having a hard time figuring out to console each other. That’s when my uncle slowly made sure his sister realized just how important and loved she is. It wasn’t very obvious for years but now as I think back, there were very subtle gestures where he made her feel that he had her back no matter what.

Scenario 4

I had always wanted an elder brother and I took it upon myself to find one online. Sounds weird? Well that’s me. But I found a really wonderful friends online who I could look upon and two of them were really very special. And suddenly my life was just as how I imagined it would be like to have a brother. There was constant nagging, teasing, fights, annoying quirks and lot more motivating ‘I-got-your-back-so-go-be-a-crazy-person’ moments. I do miss them now, but memories are forever right?

Scenario 5

My engagement and wedding were filled with enough craziness from me. I was almost spewing venom at everyone around me. That’s how cruel I was and hopefully I am not so anymore. But I remember how my Brother-in-law quietly let me lose my sh#& and calm down without saying a word. That calls for a level of maturity and level headedness he need not have for me but he did. I realized it late but am glad he let’s me be who I am even if sometimes that means a stupid person.

My wedding was no less of craziness from me. My sister, and my cousin’s had planned a wonderful bachelorette shower for me and I was on a particular level of ‘nothing-is-going-as-per-my-wishes-so-am-not-going-anywhere-you-want-me-to’ craziness. And, after my wedding, during my state of sudden calmness, my sister and cousin brother explained all that they had planned and all that which had gone to waste because I didn’t go to my own surprise party. Now did I feel like as ass. I sure did. I still think back to how beautifully and meticulously they took so much time and effort to plan it all for me and I didn’t even get to see it. Well, even after being such a arrogant, silly, crazy ass, they shower me with love like no one can. My sister will make sure anyone, who even thinks of hurting me, will experience the highest level of pain. My little brother will magically appear whenever I am in trouble, no matter where I am. My little cousins will fight with my husband even if he playfully argues with me and they all make me feel like I have always been an angel of a sister even though I know all those times where I was the Devil incarnate.

I think I have listed almost all the major incidents but there are many more small everyday gestures and thoughts that make the sibling bond too magical to be described accurately. They teach you important lessons like individuality, selfrespect, moving on, kindness, survival skills, and many more. They are the ones behind many inside jokes in a family and are the main characters in the most beautiful memories of a person’s life.

Now, next post for the blog train is by Sayeri. Sayeri is pragmatically a ‘Bong’ living in the ‘City Of Joy’ and technically a digital marketing enthusiast who lives and loves to sail in the e-world. A successful home-maker blessed with a 4-year-old toddler, things hadn’t been easy during the start of her blog Sayeri Dairy. But now, she runs a very happening blog which has something for all readers. Do check out her contribution to the blog train

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