Lakshmi – A must watch for a parent and kid!

I am a complete movie buff. Here is proof:

  • I spent most of my pre-wedding dates with my husband (then boyfriend) watching a movie.
  • Especially during my first job, I may have seen at least one movie per week.
  • And as if to encourage me, Sathyam cinemas at Chennai introduced Thursday evening blind dates. These were movies that were totally off heat or unreleased and no one knew what the movie was till they were inside the movie theatre and the movie started.
  • Some folks walked off after a few minutes, as they didn’t find it to their liking, but I was there till the end credits. So that should tell you what kind of a movie buff I was.
  • And not all of these movies were good. Some were commercial movies, some offbeat but with a good sense of direction and some were too crappy to even remember the following week.

multi colored chairs in row

When I was pregnant, I used to think of what movies Tigger would watch and how much he will actually like it. Though not a big fan of the stereotypical parent-kid movie, I still liked a few like

  • Anjali
  • Pasanga
  • Amma kanakku
  • and my all-time favourite – Kannathil muthamittal
  • A new addition to this list is the movie, Lakshmi. I saw a trailer of the movie recently and was completely hooked.

Lakshmi is a movie about a little girl and her passion for dancing. Her mom is totally against dancing and how the little girl manages to keep her hopes up on one day pursue her dream is quite commendable.

What I liked about the movie?

  • At an age where the youth is movie away from mainstream professional studies to learning and working with what they are passionate about.
  • This movie is such a welcome breath of fresh air.
  • It beautifully portrays each character and the plot line is established quite well.
  • The mom’s perspective actually is quite relatable as well.
  • You can watch the movie on the ZEE5 app by following this link here.

photo of girl wearing half sleeved dress near green leaf plant

Why this movie would make sense to kids of this generation and parents as well.

  • Kids these days are under high pressures of doing well academically that extracurricular activities take a back burner in most of the high achieving schools.
  • No profanity and it’s quote hard to find movies without it these days.
  • When we were at school, it was compulsory to attend singing classes, artwork, stitching, games, etc.. We at least had a chance to try our hand at so many areas even if we had no talent in it whatsoever. These seemed like a waste of time or classes just for fun, but thinking back, I understand how important these were to kindle an interest in the minds of some kids who are now pursuing their passions and earning while doing something they love as well.

photo of woman painting in brown wooden easel

Here is an article I quite enjoyed reading. It is about how extracurricular activities like arts or dancing introduced early to kids improve their hand-eye coordination, etc.. When all of us want the best for kids, shouldn’t we also look at their overall development seriously? Here is another article that explains how dancing is a very important activity that improves your little one’s understanding of oneself and also improves their social skills.

Coming back to the movie Lakshmi, it also stars Prabhu Deva and Aishwarya Rajesh. Am sure kids will love watching it just as much as their parents will love bonding with kids over a nice movie. After all, quality time spent with kids can also be fun like curling up on a couch watching a good movie, especially during these monsoons, right? Bring on the popcorn and bhajjis!

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12 thoughts on “Lakshmi – A must watch for a parent and kid!

  1. LaKshmi sounds liketgw kind of movie my daughter will love too. Singing dancing, art,crafting are all great fun indeed. I still enjoy these with my little girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The plot line seems interesting. Since its a movie about 10 year old girl, my daughter will certainly enjoy it. Is there hindi version of it?


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