Goa – A perfect beach holiday destination

Warm picturesque sunrises, scrumptious hearty breakfast with a view, walk along the sandy scenic beaches, music-filled energetic nightlife – sounds great? Well, it does to me. And GOA is the perfect answer to all such beach holiday cravings. I have always wanted to have a winter holiday in Goa and it seems like it’s going to be the start of a lovely family tradition for us!

man and woman holding hand walking beside body of water during sunset
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The holiday season is around the corner and many of us are looking to start our research and planning a great vacation. Some of us would plan to visit family and friends, some of us would plan the party destinations and hot and happening spots to hop around. Some switching between various apps that offer discounts on travel and hotels or homestays or resorts or villas. A few, however, have those beautiful spots that they visit each year with the family – more like a family tradition for the holidays.

Have you ever wondered, how these traditions would have started? How some folks would have loved a place so much that they wanted to make it their own? How a couple would have made an investment a few years ago to buy that holiday house, that they would visit with their kids and even grandkids after a few decades?

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It all starts with a little planning for an investment! Yes, a property in Goa! Seems like a crazy thing to do? Well, not anymore and here’s why. In recent years, Goa has become a preferred investment destination as well. The real estate market has seen an impressive growth, mostly because of purchases made by Indians, NRIs (non-resident Indians), PIOs (person of Indian origin), and even foreigners who are looking for a second home. People from Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore have invested a lot of money to buy a property in Goa – houses, apartments, and even luxury villas because they want to unwind and stay close to nature.

You can buy a villa in Goa and shift here living for long-term. Now, if that is something you have only seen happen in movies, fret not! It can also be your vacation home where you can come and stay frequently. There is so much to see and do in Goa that one visit is never going to be enough. That’s why many come here several times, often on weekend trips from the neighbouring cities and areas. Or you can rent out your property for a steady second income stream. How is that for thinking about investments. And of course, you can also sell off your property later for a profit, if you decide to after a few years.

Goa prop 2

Goa villa estate is one of the best options in Goa when it comes to buying or selling properties. They have a database that includes a huge number of villas, houses, cottages and even guesthouses in different parts of Goa. They have honest pricing and have an individual approach to each client based on the requirements, preferences and wishes. They even take up the responsibility to only provide reliable and accurate information following all legal rules and regulations operating in the Goa real estate market. Their honest and open attitude is their Status Quo. They even have a detailed guide that they offer you to understand the tax breakdowns and property guidelines.

goa prop

All the hard work that you will ever have to do, is to provide them with the information on budget, location, sizes, floor-space, transport accessibility and surrounding of what you are planning to sell or purchase. That’s about it. You will then be able to put your feet up and relax while they find you options of wonderful properties – all within your budgets and as per your requirements. Oh yes, then, of course, you will have to do some more hard work: Pack up, travel, party and relax!

One thought on “Goa – A perfect beach holiday destination

  1. Well written.Besides , I hope you visited the two of the cleanest , calmest & exceptionally beautiful beaches of Goa – Ashwem Beach & Agonda Beach . In case you You didn’t , do include them in your itinerary on your next trip to Goa. Till then , you may read more about them here :


    Thank You .



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