Not so little Sam and Ajnis!

Ajnis was a happy and proud mom of little Sam. She made sure Sam was a respectful, understanding and a kind kid. There weren’t any medals or trophies in her hall showcase, but only pictures of Sam being a typical happy kid who had then become a well mannered, friendly, interested-in-everything-from-coding-to-donating-from-dance-to-master chef level-cooking teen.

One day Sam brought home a friend who was dressed a little different and Ajnis immediately looked at Sam’s friend wondering if the little kid was a girl or a boy. Sam looked at Ajnis and as if her thoughts were spoken aloud, Sam immediately announced, “This is Jay ma. Ze is Queer and hasn’t figured out what gender ze belongs to”

“What? How hard is that asked Ajnis?” And as soon as those words came out, she realised how rude that sounded and apologized. Then, after a few minutes of silence, she asked about Jay’s parents and their thoughts on the same!

That’s when Jay explained quite casually. “Mom was a little panicked and my dad explained it to me. He sat me down and told me what each gender was and asked me how I was feeling and when I told him all the different things that I was feeling and thinking about, he told me how that was completely normal. By then my mom had calmed down and came sat with us to talk. We spoke about many things and came to the decision that it wasn’t necessary to be black or white. There are so many colours that make the world pretty and I can be any colour as long as I am happy and truthful to myself. So, I am still figuring out who I am, just like how I and my friends are figuring out which college to go to!”

Ajnis felt so many different emotions at the same time. She marvelled at how beautifully Jay spoke with so much confidence. But her eyes kept darting to Sam who sat quietly next to Jay holding Jay’s hands as if to give strength and support. She realized that she was lucky to have a kid who understood things that even she took some time to warm up to.

She smiled and told Jay again, how sorry she was for her initial reaction. She also told Jay how happy she was to have met someone like zir and told Sam that she was happy that Sam brought Jay home and went to continue her chores.

That is when many thoughts flooded in.

She wondered if Sam had a crush on Jay.

She wondered how Sam would feel if she, being Sam’s mum, had no idea on the different gender identities.

She wondered how Jay’s parents, who would also be around her age were so informed and understanding.

She felt happy for Jay.

She also felt thankful…

~ Thankful to all those who believed in raising kids to be who they are or who they want to be without any gender bias ~

This post is my contribution to format 2 of #agenerationwithoutgenderbias which is a campaign where we speak against the boundaries that limit little kids. Join us on Instagram, to read more stories and inspirational articles on this topic.

This post is also my entry for SuperBloggerChallenge2019 organized by   HealthwealthbridgeAllaboutthewoman and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2019 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

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