Parenting is hard! But so is Life!

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Many parents tell their kids to start adulting as soon as they reach their 20s. No kid would have escaped it. But I am pretty sure that most of us dreaded it. Why will we give up all the luxuries of being cared for, and do it all by ourselves, right? Well, now I understand that it is only because these parents understood how difficult the transition was after they became parents. Adulting in itself is hard, being parents is even harder for most of us. Especially, if you are doing it all on your own.

Waking up at 7 AM (that’s quite late for most parents but that is equivalent to 4 am for moms like me!), laundry, tidying up, bathing the kid, dressing him up, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, books, stories, rhymes, songs, dance, activities, play, outdoor games, social life, house cleaning, vessel washing, grocery shopping and a thousand more errands, all demanding time and energy. The clock strikes 10 at night and it is high time the little one slept. Lullabies, stories, nursing, and suddenly it is 1 o clock. Eyes close on their own and before she knows it, it is 7 AM again!

Here are 2 Mantras that I stick to while it comes to parenting Mr Tigger.

My MANTRA for keeping sane #1: He will learn on his own!

How Does It Work?

I am a strong believer that everyone learns on their own. Need not necessarily mean that they need to make all the mistakes themselves, but they can see someone do the mistake and learn from it. But they have to learn it themselves. It is super hard sometimes to stay back and not interfere while the little one struggles to find the right way to do something. But, it sure is worth it. When he eats on his own, keeps his toys back in place without being asked, climb stairs carefully on his own, it gives me a proud smile.

My MANTRA for keeping sane #2: Ignore advice that isn’t useful.

How Does It Work?

The bag full of parenting advice comes in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them are crap and not all of them are useful. When the advice pours in, why not listen to it all, take what you want and that which you don’t feel is right for you guys? No one should force you into the type of parenting that you don’t believe in. I have found some really good advice from strangers and some really $#@&y advice from well-meaning relatives. Vice versa too! So why would I listen to advise that doesn’t seem right and why would I give up on hearing something that I may find useful. Not being diplomatic or sheepish. Just getting all the options and choosing the best!

‘This post is part of the Momology Blog Train hosted by Geethica, Zainab, Prisha and Roma, and sponsored by FirstCry Intellikit, Instacuppa, Diet Funda, Hugs n Tugs, Tina Basu, Unorthodoxpeeps, Lotus Herbals Baby and Shumee Toys.

I would like to thank Pooja Budhiraja for introducing me to the Momology Blog Train. You can read more about her work at Pose in Style. I would like to introduce Rashi Mital who blogs at Live It Young. Do give their blogs a read on their take in this topic.

2 thoughts on “Parenting is hard! But so is Life!

  1. Wow what profound advice. With my elder one I was always paranoid about his learning milestones. But with the younger one I was less bothered becasue I was always busy with the elder one. And then I realised that he was meeting all his milestones even on his own.


  2. Learning on our own is the mantra I also believe in. Especially when they fall down and I don’t run to take them on my lap.
    Thank you for participating in #Momology


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