Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a teeny tiny temper tantrum throwing teeth troubling yet cute toddler is hard. We did exactly that last month, at a time when Tigger was getting his premolar. A lot of tantrums but he had loads of fun too. so what helped us? Read on to know how we managed to make the travelling toddler-friendly.

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Make a list for packing

  1. Clothes (3sets per day is the average. Think of the messiest day. Anything could happen anytime. Nothing could happen too, but isn’t it better to be prepared for the worst?)
  2. Bibs and hand towels or puke towels (Toddlers can giggle their way to vomit sometimes and you never know when that handy towel will come to use)
  3. Wipes – cloth, bamboo, or just disposables (cloth is good to save yourself and anything it anybody else from the puke but hot every place will be good enough to get down to clean up. Wipes will come in handy anytime anywhere)
  4. Baby carrier (if you are comfortable with ring slings, they are the easiest to carry, if not use a good carrier that you and your husband are used to. You can even rent a carrier for a week or two these days)
  5. Diapers n undies (if your toddler is in cloth diapers, it is best to take 2 wet bags for the day. Meaning you will usually use only one but if that suddenly gets full, you need the second and you have to wash these two, so better to have one more in stock while these two dry up)
  6. Bath towels n toiletry (this is for the kid especially. If you have a specific brand of products that you use for yourself. We took Mamaearth products everywhere as they are travel-friendly and come in small sizes too.)
  7. Medicines (there is never a good place or time to buy medicines on the way if you are a (not so) lucky mom like me whose kid may need cold medicines or anything else that one can think of, even before the first pit stop)
  8. Bottles (water, milk, juice, etc and a bottle cleaner. I leave it to you to decide if you want to take a bottle sterilizer along)
  9. Thermos (He needed warm water to drink often. He would just take a few sips now and then but he wanted the water warm. None of our flasks worked for more than 2 or 3 hours maximum. So, I went for my obvious option of a lifesaver thermos. The InstaCuppa Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug. It kept the water warm for around 5.5 to almost 6 hours. That is something totally hard to get in a normal flask. You can buy your own from the Instacuppa Store or the Instacuppa Amazon Store.)
  10. Books (or activity sheets or busy books or such. Anything that can keep the kiddo less cranky without any screen time. But it’s ok to give in to a little screen time if you are too tired or irritated or just plain need a few minutes to yourself.)
  11. Must haves (some kids hug a blank, some need their fav toy. Some wake up and ask for that small shell that they picked up from somewhere and treasured the last few days. You never know! So better to take those along to avoid major meltdowns)

Thus we travelled

We even managed to click a lot of photographs and by the time we went from one place to another, he realized that we would eventually go pose for a pic and so, he ran to go pose even before we did. That is how kids can be!

boy taking a photo using camera

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With a couple hours of thinking of what you will be doing, where you will be going, how you will be travelling and most important of all, what can possibly go wrong, you can also prepare yourself for the most organized and no chaos trip of your kid’s toddlerhood.

Did I miss anything? Comment below to let me know.

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